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Home News Governor Pardons Man Who Shot Armed BLM Protester

Governor Pardons Man Who Shot Armed BLM Protester

Governor Pardons Man Who Shot Armed BLM Protester

( – A man who was convicted in 2020 of killing a protestor during a Black Lives Matter march in Austin was granted a full pardon by Governor Greg Abbott.

In April 2023, following an eight-day trial during which the jury deliberated for seventeen hours, Daniel Perry was convicted guilty of murder.

Perry claimed that he shot Garrett Foster in self-defense when protesters attacked his car. Foster, a veteran U.S. Air Force mechanic, legally owned an AK-47.

Perry claimed that when he fired and killed Foster, the guy had pointed the gun at him.

Perry’s testimony was refuted by the prosecution through witness comments and social media posts that the prosecution labeled as racist.

Abbott reversed the jury’s verdict on Thursday.

Perry received a 25-year jail sentence.

In a social media post, Texas Democrat Rep. Joaquin Castro chastised Abbott for the choice.

Foster’s fiancée Whitney Mitchell’s family also issued a statement criticizing Abbott’s choice.

“It sends a chilling message about the value of human life and the strength of political influence, eroding trust in the institutions meant to protect us,” the statement read. “We stand today, heartbroken but resolute, in our call for a justice system that serves the people without bias and without undue political influence.”

Perry’s lawyer, Doug O’Connell, expressed his “thrilled and elated” state of liberation.

“Daniel Perry was imprisoned for 372 days and lost the military career that he loved. The action by Governor Abbott and the Pardon Board corrects the courtroom travesty which occurred over a year ago and represents true justice in this case,” said O’Connell.

In a scathing statement criticizing the pardon, Abbott attacked Travis County District José Garza, the prosecutor who found Perry guilty.

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