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Home News Hamas Holding Gaza Civilians Hostage Before Israeli Attack

Hamas Holding Gaza Civilians Hostage Before Israeli Attack

Hamas Holding Gaza Civilians Hostage Before Israeli Attack

( – According to an alert from the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on Friday morning, a ground invasion was imminent in the northern Gaza Strip.

However, residents in that area are being prevented from leaving by the terrorist organization Hamas in Palestine.

According to reports, the IDF warned all citizens living north of the Wadi Gaza river. Although it eventually conceded that an evacuation could take days, it gave residents 24 hours to leave.

On the other hand, Hamas dissuaded individuals from departing.

According to The Times of Israel:

“A Gazan resident speaking to The Times of Israel on condition of anonymity confirms that Hamas is preventing residents of the north of the strip from evacuating to the south, following an evacuation order issued by the IDF for Friday morning.

“When they find people going to their cars, they force them to go back,” the Gazan man says.”

The evacuation order has also drawn criticism from the Palestinian Authority, which claims that it amounts to land surrender, despite Israel’s assurances that locals can return if Hamas is defeated.

The sole border crossing that does not lead into Israel is controlled by Egypt, which has refused to allow Palestinian refugees across and is advising them to stay.

The UN also questioned the Israeli evacuation order, which stated that it would be hard to implement.

Israel blasted the UN for failing to criticize the terror attack on Saturday that has killed 1,300 Israelis so far and for disregarding Hamas’s military build-up.

More than 100 were taken prisoner, and more than 3,000 were injured.

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