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Home News Dylan ‘Bud-Light’ Mulvaney Is Woman of the Year

Dylan ‘Bud-Light’ Mulvaney Is Woman of the Year

Dylan ‘Bud-Light’ Mulvaney Is Woman of the Year

( – A British publication that supports “queer ideology” has named Dylan Mulvaney, a former gay guy, the “Woman of the Year.”

The female runners-up who lost the “Woman of the Year” title to the man wearing a dress were not named by the LGBT magazine’s announcer.

In an article commemorating the award, Attitude magazine wrote that following the ceremony, “Famous faces including our winners Dylan Mulvaney… got on down amid a celebration of fabulousity and queer splendour at Camden’s Roundhouse.”

Attitude was originally a lesbian and gay magazine.

However, the magazine’s celebration of “queerness” clarifies why it would act as though a gay male who acknowledges his inability to be a woman might freely transform into a woman by stating:

“No matter how hard I try, or what I wear, or what I say or what surgeries I get, I will never reach an acceptable version of womanhood by those hateful peoples’ standards.”

According to the transsexual ideology, the government must abolish laws and societal norms that prevent males from exercising their civic rights—including those related to toilets, baths, and social awards.

However, the acceptance of homosexuals and lesbians is also fiercely opposed by that transgender worldview.

Gay rights activists argue that because homosexuality and lesbianism are biologically based, people should accept those who identify as gay or lesbian.

On the other hand, transsexualism asserts that an individual’s fixed or malleable “gender identity” determines their sexual urges.

In Australia, lesbians can no longer bar males from their social gatherings because they identify as transgender women, thanks to the victory of this argument.

The queer ideology, commonly known as “Queer Theory,” is significantly more radical than the biology-denying claim of fluctuating sexual identity made by transsexuals, even though it still supports transsexualism.

The queer ideology calls on the government to eliminate all civic and legal restrictions, including verbal ones, that obstruct practically any form of sexual and personal autonomy.

Thus, the definitions of men and women, homosexuals and lesbians, kids and adults, citizens and immigrants, sex and perversion, marriage and hookups, and many other concepts are to be blurred by the queer ideology.

Along with demeaning reason, precedent, public decency, discussion, argument, consensus, and merit, it maintains that everyone is entitled to their truth.

“All of our rights and freedoms depend on having clear meanings for terms, they depend on having clear understandings of common ideas,” lesbian activist Natasha Chart told Breitbart News.

“And queer theory is the idea that having clear understandings of anything is categorically oppressive,” she added.

Queers are now bringing queer theory into businesses, so mid-level executives at Budweiser hired Mulvaney to promote the company’s Bud Light beverage.

After the general public rejected the corporate mashup of beer and transsexualism, that decision disastrously affected the business.

Queer activists want the government to declare Western civilization’s widely accepted and valuable norms hateful, discriminating, racist, evil, etc., rather than just rejecting them.

Because they feel they have the freedom to interpret words to fit their needs, LGBT advocates can understand why they are the targets of invective, stigmatization, and hostility toward conventional norms.

But if it becomes legislation, that gay philosophy of enforced civic libertarianism will rob Americans of the capacity even to consider governing their lives and communities through manners, laws, boundaries, religion, and customs.

The power of money and labor is the only authority left to citizens that would be permitted under queer ideology.

For wealthy people, the all-cash solution would be fantastic. Still, it would be devastating for the vast majority of poor people.

Mulvaney has received lavish financial support for supporting transgenderism, even if Budweiser beer sales have suffered dramatically.

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