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Home News Gun BOOM: Black Friday Gun Sales Were The Third-Highest Ever

Gun BOOM: Black Friday Gun Sales Were The Third-Highest Ever

Gun BOOM: Black Friday Gun Sales Were The Third-Highest Ever

( – According to data made public on Monday, the FBI conducted 192,749 background checks using the NICS on Black Friday 2022.

The 192,749 NICS checks on Black Friday 2022 “[rank] it third in the Top 10 Highest Days for NICS checks and…[represent] a 2.8 percent increase over Black Friday 2021,” according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF).

According to reports, the FBI performed 187,585 NICS checks on Black Friday 2021 and 186,645 checks on Black Friday 2020.

711,372 NICS checks were made, according to the NSSF, “during the week up to and including Black Friday.”

The high NICS check numbers for Black Friday follow recent spikes in gun sales.

The public affairs managing director at the National Shooting Sports Foundation, Mark Oliva, said over 1 million firearm sale background checks have been conducted for 38 months straight.

He added that the figures were remarkable and demonstrated that the firearm industry is meeting the increased demand for firearm ownership.

Joe Biden Vows To Ban Assault Rifles

Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, gun regulation became a hot topic as Joe Biden and other notable Democrats renewed their calls for a ban on assault rifles.

After gun deaths in Colorado and Virginia in the past two weeks, concerns were raised concerning funding law enforcement agencies in jurisdictions that refuse to implement so-called red flag laws.

Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) stated over the weekend that banning assault weapons would reduce mass shootings in our country.

The Senator said,

“You are not going to miraculously abolish mass shootings, but an AR-15, or a weapon of the AR-15 design, is typically the preferred weapon of mass shooters.”

A similar weapon was used in the shooting at an LGBTQ nightclub in Colorado last weekend.

However, other weapons were used in the tragic string of shootings, including killing of University of Virginia football players earlier this month and a Walmart store two days before Thanksgiving in Virginia.

On Thanksgiving day, Biden spoke about the “scourge” of gun violence and said he wanted to enact a ban on powerful weapons with the ability to instantly kill a large number of people.

After passing a historic bipartisan package on guns – which enhanced background checks and red flag rules and allowed law enforcement to take firearms from people who pose a danger – the Democratic-led House enacted legislation in July to reinstate the ban on assault weapons from the 1990s.

Jim Clyburn, the majority whip for the House, confessed that an assault weapons ban and other firearm regulations would not pass through Congress. Even in the lame-duck session while Democrats are in control of the House.

In the Senate, however, it would require 60 votes to pass, and Democrats lack Republican backing, which would stop the bill in its tracks.

Still, he insisted that this did not mean they were not worthwhile causes.

“Just because [buying a gun] is legal, doesn’t mean it’s the appropriate thing to do. Although lawful, slavery was wrong.”

In response to any more gun prohibitions, Kentucky Republican Congressman James Comer stated on NBC:

“We already have many gun laws on the books… The fentanyl epidemic in relation to the trafficking of illicit substances across the US-Mexico border will be the Republican Party’s top concern when it comes to reducing crime in America.”

Comer continued by saying that since criminals are aware that people are armed, most rural American houses have weapons, and “there aren’t a lot of crimes.”

One thing is certain, Democrats won’t stop attacking the Second Amendment until they have turned the country into a gun-free zone.

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