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Home News GOP Chairman RESIGNS After Leaked Audio ‘Bribe’ from ‘Powerful People’ to Stop Kari Lake

GOP Chairman RESIGNS After Leaked Audio ‘Bribe’ from ‘Powerful People’ to Stop Kari Lake

GOP Chairman RESIGNS After Leaked Audio ‘Bribe’ from ‘Powerful People’ to Stop Kari Lake

( – In light of an ultimatum from Kari Lake’s team, which is threatening to release more audio of private conversations, Jeff DeWit, the chair of the Arizona Republican Party and the subject of contentious leaked audio, is resigning from his position.

DeWit even suggests he was trying to “bribe” Lake into backing down.

DeWit referred to the tape as “selectively edited.” Still, he effectively verified its validity in a public statement on Wednesday.

Throughout the lengthy statement, he claimed that his discussion was “transparent” and “intended to offer perspective, not coercion.”

He expressed more outrage toward Lake—who he claimed was employed by his private company—for recording their private conversation than for the actual words.

DeWit, however, made it rather evident throughout the audio recording that the conversation “never happened,” which seems to refute his claims of openness.

DeWit refrained from discussing the specifics of the video, such as the inferred bribery and his insinuation that he may suffer grave consequences if he exposed these “powerful people.”

DeWit stated that he would fight for his job but that Lake’s team had given him a deadline to step down or risk having a “new, more damaging recording” released.

He finally resigned, saying, “As Lake requested in the hopes that she will honor her commitment to cease her attacks, allowing me to return to the business sector — a field I find much more logical and prefer over politics… Despite my genuine ignorance of its contents, I have decided not to take the risk.” He continued by saying that he still backs former President Donald Trump.

DeWit said that although he made regrettable statements on the recording, he feels that he was “set up,” charging Lake with arranging the “entire situation to have control over the state party.”

He would not elaborate on how Lake allegedly set him up by deceiving him into passing these offers from “powerful people” who oppose Lake’s candidacies for the Senate.

The recording, he continued, “obviously shows that she prepared her performance responses knowing that she was filming it, intending to use this recording later to portray herself as a hero in her own story” was his assessment.

In the allegedly leaked recording, DeWit and Lake had a private chat. DeWit asked Lake what it would take to at least “pause” her political aspirations.

Lake says in the opening of the tape, “They’re gonna have— try to have me murdered.” DeWit brings up recent news regarding the active cartel in all 50 states.

The discussion goes on as DeWit says that “powerful people” do not want Lake to run. This irritates Lake since she sees it as their way of saying that they do not own or control her.

Playing devil’s advocate, DeWit manipulates the story to say that “being on a team” is more important than “control.”

He says, “They want you on their team,” Lake replies, “But I can’t do that if they’re pushing a globalist agenda.” What, then, do they desire? What is it that they desire from me?

DeWit stated that they are “willing to put their money where their mouth is in a big way,” which is effectively code for a bribe and that they are speaking of “very powerful people who want to keep you out” somewhere “back east.”

In response, Lake stated that it is “bad” for the nation and that the true goal of these “powerful people” is to unseat Trump.

DeWit persisted in pushing the request from these anonymous, faceless people, claiming that Lake “can’t scratch their back” and that this is how the swamp in Washington, D.C., operates.

He was asking for her price to stop her political plans.

“To stop me, they’re going to have to fucking kill me,” she declared. She said, “Either they come around and try to work with me,” but she was interrupted.

“I refuse to listen to these individuals from D.C. telling me not to run. I’m not going to take a two-year break. This is the battle.

As DeWit informed her that she should be “honored” since “very few people get this” treatment, she remarked, “I’m offended by whoever these people are that they’re trying to buy me out.”

DeWit started, “Is there a number of which?” which prompted Lake to complete his notion.

“Am I for sale?” she enquired.

It’s about you taking a break, he said.

“Not at all. No. $10,000, $20,000,000, $30,000,000, no, no, no. No, not a billion. Money is not at issue here. This has to do with our nation. It worries me, I think,” she remarked.

“I refuse to listen to these hateful voices telling me not to run for office. Tell them to get behind me over the phone. They should support me because I am capable of winning,” Lake went on, branding these “powerful people” as “unethical” and “un-American.”

DeWit persisted, “It’s just very powerful people that are willing to — they really want someone different.”

“I believe you ought to make this public,” Lake added, pushing DeWit to expose the misconduct in the background.

DeWit responded right away, “No, no, no, no,” and then implied that he would be killed if he did so: He made an explosion sound as he said, “Then I turn the key in my car.”

“Inform them that I’m not impressed. That they don’t care more about our nation offends me. They have no regard for our nation,” Lake remarked.

The recording shows that DeWit explicitly stated that the talk “never happened” before requesting a counteroffer from Lake one more time.

“I can’t. I can’t be bought,” she said. “I can’t.”

Notably, during an interview on Sirius XM’s Breitbart News Fourth of July Special in July, Lake talked about the attempted bribe—without providing any specifics.

“At first, I planned to call the book Unafraid, but then a fairly well-known individual knocked on my door and offered me money to put my political career and movement on hold. They also offered me a comfortable job with a nice salary and a position on a board, and I was like, ‘Are you kidding me?'” I quit a lucrative job. Money doesn’t drive me,” Lake remarked.

“After that, the topic of conversation shifted to what it would take for you to abstain from running for office once more, at least until after 2024. And I realized, “Oh my god, this is the stuff that movies are made of.” I should stay in politics if these individuals, the political elite, want me out so badly that they’re ready to pay me off. That’s why I chose to include the subtitle “Just Getting Started” at that point, she continued, “just to give them a little bit of a fear because I’m just getting started.”

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