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Home News FEAR Settles Into the Anti-MAGA and Never-Trumpers

FEAR Settles Into the Anti-MAGA and Never-Trumpers

FEAR Settles Into the Anti-MAGA and Never-Trumpers

( – The former president is about to be declared the Republican Party’s nominee for a third time.

The conservatives who oppose him are horrified by this prospect and are highly pessimistic about the party’s future.

It’s his party, that much is clear. While I disagree with him, he is the head of the MAGA party, as former Representative Joe Walsh (R-Illinois) put forward while mounting a failed primary challenge to Trump in 2020 and then quit the party.

This party is unfixable and cannot be reformed. It’s moving in the right direction, according to Walsh. “I don’t see it going off this track in my lifetime.”

Susan Del Percio, a strategist who has stayed Republican despite her strong disapproval of Trump, made a similar statement. Still, the party may return to a more traditional posture when Trump leaves office.

Del Percio declared, “The party needs to burn to the ground and rebuild itself.” “It won’t take place in two years.”

Discussing self-immolation or a party that needs decades to turn things around may seem exaggerated to some.

However, if one views the last four years through the eyes of the so-called “Never Trumpers,” then it makes sense.

He is the only president in American history to be impeached twice, having been charged with a crime on January 6. He was charged four times in the year 2023. He is charged with 91 indictments.

In a separate civil trial held in May of last year, he was declared accountable for the sexual assault of author E. Jean Carroll.

Despite everything, he dominates everyone in his path to the GOP candidacy.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) was eliminated from the campaign by President Trump’s 30-point win in the Iowa caucuses on January 15.

DeSantis supported Trump on Sunday.

Suppose Nikki Haley, the former ambassador to the United Nations, wants to survive until her home-state primary in South Carolina on February 24.

In that case, she must pull off a massive upset in Tuesday’s primary in New Hampshire.

Haley trailed Trump in the Granite State by 14 points on Monday night, based on the Decision Desk HQ (DDHQ) and The Hill polling average.

In South Carolina, Trump is polling at a margin roughly double that of Haley.

Throughout most of their campaigns, DeSantis and Haley had been cautious in their attacks on Trump.

The most well-known and vocal opponent of Trump in the contest, former governor of New Jersey Chris Christie (R), could not gain any traction.

Almost everyone thinks Trump will be the chosen candidate.

John “Mac” Stipanovich, a veteran GOP operator in Florida and a fervent Trump opponent, stated, “I would bet the ranch on it.”

Like a lot of people in the Never Trump camp, Stipanovich thinks that the GOP’s repeated election losses are the only genuinely realistic route out of the MAGA mess.

According to Stipanovich, “The Republican Party, or whatever it is called these days, will not change until they have been sufficiently defeated that they have to change out of self-interest.”

Naturally, there is no certainty that Trump will lose in November.

According to most surveys, there is a 50% chance that the former president will defeat his successor in a rematch between Biden and Trump.

Trump leads Biden by one point, 44 percent to 43 percent, in The Hill/DDHQ average.

However, the Never Trump camp sees a glimmer of hope that he appears to be finishing the nomination battle ahead of schedule.

They argue that if he is declared the front-runner, people will pay more attention to the options available in November. They claim Biden will gain from this.

According to analyst Lucy Caldwell, a former Republican, Trump’s primary tactic “is another somber reminder of how far the Republican Party has fallen and how appalling it is to think that one major party could nominate this guy again.”

However, Caldwell continued, “it is going to give more time to clarify this choice” between Biden and Trump “as the next few months unfurl.”

“The story is soon not going to be all about the ins and outs and ups and downs of the Republican nomination process,” Stipanovich concurred. Democratic and independent fervor will rise as more people pay attention to [the general election option].

Rick Tyler, the communications director for Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), Trump’s primary opponent in 2016, predicted that people will eventually shudder at the thought of forgoing the relative peace of the Biden years in favor of returning to Trump’s chaos.

With the economy booming and the stock market at an all-time high, Tyler posed the hypothetical question, “You want to swap all the progress for chaos? People won’t do it.

Despite all of that, conservatives who have been vehemently opposed to Trump for more than a decade find it difficult to hang onto the hope that he will lose in November.

All of them have one thing in common: Trump isn’t a conservative at all, what with his conceit, readiness to use the government to reward friends and punish opponents, and contempt for any rules or conventions.

“The Reagan party is no more. Everything has been thrown away,” Tyler remarked.

“I believe that those who hold extremely conservative ideologies should reflect. He is by no means a conservative. Claiming to be one while consuming raw meat is akin to someone claiming to be a vegan,” he added.

In a more direct statement, former congressman Walsh called the GOP’s current opposition to Trump a “career-killer.”

Walsh continued, “Those of us who have spoken out against him, like me, have forgotten about the party’s future.”

“For this reason, the majority of Republicans simply keep their lips quiet and wait for the day when Trump is removed from office.”

Whether they love or hate him, one thing is sure: Donald J. Trump is a force not to be reckoned with, and he has slowly risen from the ashes and become the opposition’s worst nightmare.

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