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Home News Forever War? German Chancellor Warns West of “Long War” Against Russia

Forever War? German Chancellor Warns West of “Long War” Against Russia

Forever War? German Chancellor Warns West of “Long War” Against Russia

( – Olaf Scholz, the chancellor of Germany, warned that the West must prepare for a “long” battle with Russia and that allies should send tanks and weaponry into the fight.

Chancellor Scholz rejected putting a time limit on resolving the conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

She said it would be “wise to prepare for a long war” and that the West should tell Vladimir Putin that NATO is ready to support Ukraine for as long as necessary.

“The length of the conflict is not caused by our weapons delivery. The contrary is true,” according to Scholz.

The likelihood of an early conclusion to the conflict and the departure of Russian conquering soldiers increases the sooner President Putin realizes he is not succeeding in his imperialist aim.

The Social Democrat is now pleading with friends to provide Ukraine heavy armor after Germany came under fire for taking so long to determine whether or not to supply any weaponry to Ukraine and, more recently, for delaying shipments of German-made tanks even by other nations.

For “all those who can offer such major combat tanks to truly do so immediately,” the socialist leader vowed to “intensively” lobby in Munich.

Germany is ready to “make this option simpler,” Scholz said, by offering supplies, logistical support, and training for the Ukrainian military.

Germany said in January that it would supply 14 Leopard 2 main combat tanks as part of a more oversized cargo of 30 such vehicles from Western states supporting Ukraine. This announcement came after months of discussion.

Although Scholz said on Friday that his administration is making every effort to deliver them quickly, it is still being determined precisely when this cargo will reach the nation in Eastern Europe.

The German chancellor also acknowledged prior criticism of his nation’s failure to meet NATO spending requirements, which former U.S. President Donald Trump frequently brought up, and vowed that moving forward, his government would adhere to the alliance’s minimum military spending requirements of 2% of GDP.

He continued by stating that his administration is working on plans to establish “permanent” military equipment and ammunition manufacturing so that it would no longer need to rely on other nations, like Brazil, for munitions in the future.

Nevertheless, Scholz warned against needless escalation while urging more support for Ukraine, saying: “For the first time in our history, a nuclear power is conducting an imperialist war of aggression here on European territory… There isn’t a manual for it.

According to the Chancellor, “broad support” still exists for his nation’s participation in the conflict.

Given that a majority of Germans feel that their nation has suffered more due to the sanctions against Russia than the Kremlin, it is unclear how long that will continue to be the case.

Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock said in September that Germany would be prepared to support Ukraine for years “no matter what my German voter thinks,” suggesting that public opinion on the conflict may not matter.

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