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Home News Facebook, Instagram to Lift Ban on Bare Breasts—But There’s A Catch…

Facebook, Instagram to Lift Ban on Bare Breasts—But There’s A Catch…

Facebook, Instagram to Lift Ban on Bare Breasts—But There’s A Catch…

( – The restriction on images showing naked breasts is about to be lifted on Facebook and Instagram–but only for transgender and “non-binary” people, for now.

A recent decision to erase two Instagram posts that showed a gender non-conforming pair was overturned by the monitoring board for Facebook (now known as Meta), according to a detailed ruling released on Wednesday.

The duo, one of whom identifies as transgender and the other as non-binary, is shown in the posts standing topless with their nipples covered.

Facebook has since brought up the images, according to the Facebook “Supreme Court,” which claimed that taking down the posts was “not in keeping with Meta’s Community Standards, values, or human rights obligations.”

According to a representative for Facebook, “We welcome the board’s decision in this instance.”

The incident sparked a thorough examination of Meta’s complex rules governing the exposure of female genitalia, including the bare breasts and nipples.

The oversight board, an outside organization comprised mostly of left-leaning academics, journalists, and politicians, undertook the evaluation.

The board’s decision on Wednesday left open-ended questions about biological women, or “cisgender women,” who have bare breasts.

The organization implied that it could be confusing to have different regulations for biological and trans women.

It stated that the same picture of a woman showing her nipples would be illegal if shared by a cisgender woman but legal if posted by a non-binary person.

Facebook and Instagram continue to forbid the posting of biological women’s bare breasts, with some exceptions.

According to the board, Facebook now uses “human reviewers” who are responsible for “immediately assessing[ing] both a user’s sex, as this policy pertains to “female nipples,” and their gender identity.

However, such a technique is proven impractical in a society where gender identities are numerous.

This policy is founded on the idea that male and female bodies are different and that gender is binary. This method makes it unclear how the rules apply to intersex, non-binary, and transgender people.

And it necessitates reviewers to make quick, arbitrary judgments about sex and gender, which is impractical when monitoring content at scale, according to the board.

What are your thoughts on Meta allowing transgender and “non-binary” people only to show their naked breasts?

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