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Home News DeSantis Pledges to Support Trump Nomination as HE Loses Support

DeSantis Pledges to Support Trump Nomination as HE Loses Support

DeSantis Pledges to Support Trump Nomination as HE Loses Support

( – Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida (R) has stated that he would back former President Donald Trump or any other Republican candidate if he loses the 2024 primary election.

When asked if he would back Trump, DeSantis responded, “I am going to support the Republican nominee.”

“At the end of the day, you go through these processes, voters make a decision, and you live with it,” DeSantis continued.

Trump is the undisputed front-runner six months out from the first Republican primary contest.

A Harvard poll conducted in June revealed that Trump had a 67 to 33 percent lead over DeSantis, a little decline for DeSantis from the Harvard survey conducted in May before the Florida governor entered the race.

In several states, including but not limited to South Carolina, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, New York, and Iowa, Trump leads DeSantis by double digits.

Additionally, DeSantis rejected the notion of a Trump-DeSantis ticket, telling the podcast that he is “not a No. 2 guy.”

DeSantis asserted that he would like to continue serving as governor of Florida because the vice presidency “doesn’t really have any authority.”

DeSantis also put an end to rumors about his prospective running mate. In response to a question about his potential number two, DeSantis remarked, “It’s a little bit presumptuous to be doing that at this stage.”

“We need to start by winning the early primaries, for which I am running,” he added.

President Joe Biden and Donald Trump were both targeted by DeSantis, who claimed that suburban women “disapprove of Biden” and “they also, regrettably, disapprove very strongly of Donald Trump.”

“Ron DeSantis isn’t anybody’s guy,” Trump spokesman Steven Cheung told NBC News in response to DeSantis’ comment. “He is not ‘the guy.’ He is merely “a guy.” Because his numbers are as small as he is, Ron is just standing there, glum and depressed.”

Murdochs are no longer confident that Ron DeSantis can defeat Trump.

According to Rolling Stone, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, who has helped Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) gain national attention through Fox News and other outlets he and his family own, is reportedly losing faith in DeSantis’ capacity to defeat former President Donald Trump in the 2024 Republican primary.

According to a Fox News insider, Rupert and his son Lachlan Murdoch “are transactional and can smell a loser a mile away.”

“Murdoch’s understandable concern is that we may end up being stuck with Trump anyway,” a senior Fox source told the publication.

“DeSantis is also performing poorly. Anyone can see that, and [the Murdochs] are also aware of it,” the source continued.

Jeremy Redfern, DeSantis’ press secretary, recently accused critics of being “dishonest” after they raised concerns about DeSantis’ earlier remarks regarding Robert Mueller’s investigation into “Russian collusion” between Trump’s 2016 campaign and Russian agents.

This caused DeSantis to lose support from prominent members of the America First movement, including Mike Cernovich.

The Murdochs are not the only ones worried about DeSantis’ potential to unseat Trump as the front-runner in the polls.

The pro-DeSantis super PAC Never Back Down’s adviser Steve Cortes recently acknowledged that the DeSantis campaign will face an “uphill battle” in the GOP primary.

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