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Home News Democrat-Run Philadelphia Hit Hard by Looters

Democrat-Run Philadelphia Hit Hard by Looters

Democrat-Run Philadelphia Hit Hard by Looters

( – The Democratic administrations of several major cities, including San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, and Philadelphia, have been accused of decriminalizing crime, leading to increased mass looting and shoplifting incidents.

This is because big city Democrats have effectively decriminalized crime.

Yes, the City of Brotherly Love is finally getting what they voted for:

“Several stores in Philadelphia were looted by more than 100 juveniles Tuesday night, according to police.

The Footlocker and Apple stores near 15th and Chestnut and the Lululemon store in Center City were all looted, according to NBC10.

Multiple videos of the looting were posted to social media and show police officers trying to arrest people while windows are smashed, and items are stolen.”

Why is this all happening? A judge in Philadelphia dismissed the manslaughter case against a police officer who had shot a motorist. A knife was concealed by the driver, as evidenced by bodycam footage.


The officer said he thought the knife was a gun because he only saw the black handle.

The judge agreed with the defense that the charges should never have been brought, and the peaceful looting started.

And here’s something else from the New York Post:

“A popular social media influencer known as “Meatball” live-streamed the rabid looting spree that engulfed Philadelphia’s city center overnight before she was seemingly arrested while cheering on the marauders.

Meatball, whose real name is Dayjia Blackwell, shared video and photos on her Instagram Stories gleefully documenting the mass plunder of several businesses, including an Apple store, a Foot Locker, a Lululemon, and a liquor store. […] “Free iPhones! Free iPhones,” Blackwell cried out before filming people showing off their stolen electronics.”

If there’s one thing that ties these videos together, nobody seems concerned about getting caught or thwarting an arrest; in fact, the majority don’t even seem frightened to show their faces.

Why? Because they are aware that the Democrats in their city exclusively prosecute police personnel rather than actual criminals.

Democrats voted this horror on themselves, and now they must live with the consequences.

Welcome to Joe Biden’s America.

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