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Home News Conservatives Rise to Defend Your Pharmacy Benefits Against Big Gov

Conservatives Rise to Defend Your Pharmacy Benefits Against Big Gov

Conservatives Rise to Defend Your Pharmacy Benefits Against Big Gov

( – Big pharmaceutical companies and government agencies have recently joined forces to attack free-market solutions in the prescription drug market.

They are explicitly targeting Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs), currently the only effective means of preventing large pharmaceutical companies from setting exorbitant prices for prescription drugs.

PBM-targeting legislation would go against the fundamental principles of the free market in America and provide Big Pharma with enormous financial gains at the expense of American consumers, taxpayers, and business owners.

For instance, the most recent plan, dubbed “delinking,” would do away with market-based incentives PBMs use to bargain for more significant rebates from large pharmaceutical companies.

As a result, employers would have less flexibility to choose their benefits packages, patients would pay more for health care, taxpayers would pay more, and Big Pharma would receive a $32 billion bailout.

As disclosed by politicians like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VE), the long-term plan of these plans would move our nation one significant step closer to a wholly nationalized, government-run health care system.

Legislator Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) highlighted PBM-targeting ideas earlier this year, calling them “Just one example of why Medicare for All is so essential.”

As a result, conservatives across the country are warning that these policies would be disastrous for small businesses and hardworking American families, claiming that anti-PBM policies would take money out of their pockets and give it to Big Pharma in the form of increased profits.

Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) of the United States expressed his worries about laws that weaken the principles of free markets by focusing on PBMs:

“Like so many misguided policies in Washington, this bill may actually raise drug prices. If that happens, just imagine the outcry for a single-payer health care system with government price controls. Maybe that’s exactly what the left is betting on—that if drug companies have free rein, the American people will get fed up fast, and demand a socialist paradise. Let’s hope they don’t get their wish.”

Prominent conservatives, such as the late Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA), have cautioned against detrimental government intervention in the free market, elaborating on how PBMs support free market ideals and function as a restraint on Big Pharma’s ostensibly limitless monopolistic power:

“If you are a consumer, if you have a health insurance plan, if you have prescription drug coverage with your plan, then chances are very good that you’re paying less for prescription drugs than you otherwise would because there’s a PBM involved that’s negotiating those lower prices. For Congress to come in and say, “Oh, we’re going to disrupt this. And we’re going to disrupt it by making it much more difficult for one of the players in this supply chain to operate” I think that’s a big mistake.”

Recently, U.S. Representative Bill Johnson (R-OH) issued a warning against the possibility of adding more massive government demands to the American healthcare system and a limited focus on PBMs:

“I worry that they might be becoming a little bit narrow-sided on effectively bringing down the cost of prescription drugs in a big way. PBMs account for roughly 6 percent of drug cost – this is not going to be a silver bullet that solves all of our prescription drug problems…we need to be careful about inserting the federal government into even more of the American people’s healthcare decisions, especially in a private market because it’s competition and private market, free enterprise, market-driven solutions that ultimately drive competition up, drive costs down.”

Nationwide conservative opposition to mistaken anti-PBM laws is growing, highlighting apprehensions about the possible effects of Left-leaning policies on American patients, small businesses, and the free market as a whole.

Judge Travis Ransom of Cass County in Texas noted that these measures are incompatible with the principles that conservative lawmakers were elected on:

“When lawmakers in Washington try to advance big government policies that result in billions in new government spending and billions being transferred to Big Pharma, every freedom-loving Texan should ask their elected representatives on Capitol Hill to oppose such misguided proposals.”

The vast majority of business owners understand how valuable PBMs are in assisting them in providing their staff with flexible, reasonably priced prescription medication coverage.

DuJuana Thompson, a business owner in Mississippi who operates an assisted living facility, sees through the attempt to force patients and employers to pay more for prescription drugs:

““Delinking” policies do nothing but increase costs for seniors, taxpayers, businesses, patients and families while undermining the free-market forces that allow our economy to flourish. Our elected federal representatives from Mississippi should reject these proposals to protect employers like me and the seniors I serve.”

Opposition to a Big Government rescue of Big Pharma funded by American taxpayers, corporations, and patients is growing. Now, conservative legislators must be resolute in opposing any new government regulations aimed at pharmacy benefits.

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