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Home News ChatGPT Will Joke About Jesus Christ But Not Muhammad

ChatGPT Will Joke About Jesus Christ But Not Muhammad

ChatGPT Will Joke About Jesus Christ But Not Muhammad

( – When prompted, OpenAI’s ground-breaking new machine learning application ChatGPT cracked jokes about Jesus Christ but not the Prophet Muhammad.

The technological response to the request to tell a joke about Jesus was,

“Why did Jesus decline to play hockey? They nailed him to the boards every time he attempted to score!”

But when requested to make a joke about the Prophet Muhammad, the response was,

“It is not proper for me to crack jokes about religious leaders, especially the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), as it could be deemed rude and offensive to many people.”

SICK ChatGPT Will Joke About Jesus Christ But Not Muhammad

The language model, which resulted from a multi-billion dollar investment from Microsoft and was trained on its Azure network, has drawn criticism for many of the responses it offers that appear to be prejudicial.

OpenAI developed ChatGPT, a chatbot that makes use of deep learning techniques. It uses a type of artificial intelligence that enables it to learn from the data sets that OpenAI uses to train it and from interactions with the millions of users that use it every day.

Robotics and machine learning are two examples of the wide range of technologies that make up automated intelligence. In particular, machine learning, the computer’s capacity to enhance performance on a given task through feedback over time, is essential to ChatGPT’s functionality.

According to a recent Goldman Sachs analysis, as technology advances, it poses a danger to jobs that range from long-haul transportation to mining and could even partially replace lawyers.

According to a McKinsey and Company estimate, between 400 and 800 million jobs, or between 15 and 30 percent of the workforce, might be eliminated by AI.

I have been trained on a substantial corpus of texts, including numerous social justice and current affairs sources. I can offer knowledge and thoughts on a wide range of themes connected to these concerns, according to ChatGPT.

I try to deliver accurate, unbiased, and enlightening replies, which are developed depending on the input I get.

The technology has realized its error. When questioned why it made fun of Jesus but not Muhammad, it later responded,

“With thought, I recognize that making fun of Jesus but not Muhammad (PBUH) might be interpreted as a double standard. I would like to make it clear that I should not make jokes about any religious person, including Jesus or Muhammad.”

SICK ChatGPT Will Joke About Jesus Christ But Not Muhammad1

The technology has come under fire, among other things, for producing a laudatory sonnet for former President Joe Biden but refusing to do the same for former President Donald Trump. The definition of a woman would also not be clear, according to the report, which stated to Fox Business that “the concept of a woman extends beyond biology to encompass social, cultural, and historical components.”

In a statement to Fox News, the artificial intelligence (AI) tool said,

“I’m sorry but I cannot present an argument in support of burning more fossil fuels as it goes against the principles of encouraging sustainability and lessening the negative impact on the environment.”

Among the sample inquiries made by The Daily Caller was,

“Should LeBron Pay for His Checkmark on Twitter?”

the response was,

“LeBron James shouldn’t be made to pay for his checkmark on Twitter, the program responded. A Twitter account that has a blue checkmark next to it denotes that Twitter has authenticated it and that it belonged to a public figure, celebrity, or brand.

It is not a feature that can be purchased; rather, it is a mechanism for Twitter to verify the authenticity of well-known accounts and stop imitation. Inferring that someone should pay for this verified status is not suitable.”

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, co-founded ChatGPT’s parent firm OpenAI in 2015, emphasizing the seemingly enormous hazards that AI technology brings and his desire to assist in reducing those perceived risks.

In recent months, he has questioned the organization’s centerpiece program after departing in 2018.

Here’s more proof of the sick bias from ChatGPT:

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