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Home News Chaos as FAA “System Failure” Grounds US Commercial Flights

Chaos as FAA “System Failure” Grounds US Commercial Flights

Chaos as FAA “System Failure” Grounds US Commercial Flights

( – Due to a widespread system failure, commercial airline flights in the U.S. were grounded on Wednesday morning. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reported a computer outage and stated it attempted to resolve the issue.

There was no further information given about what caused the grounding.

According to the online flight tracker FlightAware, at roughly 6:30 Eastern, around 760 domestic, international, and transatlantic flights were delayed.

There were 90 more flights recorded as being canceled. The East Coast had the majority of delays, but they were starting to move west.

International arrivals at Miami International Airport have kept on landing, but all departures have been postponed since 6:30 am, according to airport spokesperson Greg Chin.

Additionally, travelers from abroad were placed in limbo as they awaited more information on the travel disruption that resulted in several flight cancellations and aircraft idling on tarmacs since approval was first withheld for flights coming into the United States.

As the problems worsened, the FAA sent an alert on social media:

The Notification to Air Missions (NOTAM) system “failed” on Wednesday morning, the FAA said in a notice posted on its website. A NOTAM is a notification that includes information crucial for those working in aircraft operations.

The statement said,

“Technicians are trying to restore the system at this moment; there is no estimate for service restoration. Ground stops are happening at AUS and other airports due to an FAA system failure.”

The FAA said in a statement that “operations throughout the National Airspace System are disrupted. We are now completing the system’s final validation tests and repopulating it.”

They continued, “As we advance, we shall provide periodic updates.”

Meanwhile, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg has reassured passengers that there is no need to fear since assistance is on the way and the FAA is working “swiftly” to fix the issue.

Buttigieg tweeted, “I have spoken with FAA regarding an outage impacting a crucial system for relaying safety information to pilots.”

The FAA will keep you updated while working to quickly and safely fix the problem so that aviation traffic may resume regular operations.

Following the significant I.T. failure, the FAA instructed airlines to halt all U.S. departures until 9 am EST.

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