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Home News BREAKING: Trump Found Liable In Civil Case For Defamation, Sexual Battery

BREAKING: Trump Found Liable In Civil Case For Defamation, Sexual Battery

BREAKING:  Trump Found Liable In Civil Case For Defamation, Sexual Battery

( – This is the first time a jury has found former President Trump accountable for sexual misconduct; they concluded that he mistreated author E. Jean Carroll in the middle of the 1990s and later defamed her by refuting her accusations.

Trump’s reaction to the verdict was:

According to reports, the nine-member jury ruled that Trump did not commit rape but was guilty of sexual abuse, another type of sexual battery. He was also required to pay Carroll $5 million in damages. Carroll had to provide proof to support her claims preponderantly because it was a civil matter.

Trump is not charged with relevant crimes, so that a higher bar would have been necessary.

Carroll testified to the jury in the almost two-week-long federal court trial that Trump had raped her in a Bergdorf Goodman dressing room in New York City in the spring of 1996.

Carroll stated, “I’m here because Donald Trump sexually assaulted me and denied it when I wrote about it. “I’m here to try and get my life back,” the speaker said. “He lied and destroyed my reputation.”

In 2019, she went public after a preview of her upcoming book appeared in New York magazine. Carroll’s account was constantly refuted by the former president, who asserted that she made it up to promote her book.

Carroll filed a case against Trump in November using a New York legislation that became effective on the same day. It gives victims of sexual assault a year to file a civil lawsuit against the perpetrators of their abuse, even if the statute of limitations has expired.

Carroll also filed a defamation lawsuit against Trump over remarks he made in October 2022, calling her narrative a “complete con job” and saying she “is not my type.”

Carroll was the first witness to testify at the trial’s opening late last month. She admitted to the jury that she had been reluctant to come out until the #MeToo movement forced her to do so in 2019.

During a contentious exchange during cross-examination, Trump attorney Joe Tacopina questioned Carroll about why she did not scream during the altercation.

Carroll screamed in court, “I’m telling you, he raped me, whether I screamed or not.”

Other witnesses were then called to the witness stand, including two acquaintances who claimed that Carroll had told them about the incident shortly after it occurred.

The jury also heard testimony from two women who had independently accused Trump of sexual assault: Natasha Stoynoff and Jessica Leeds.

They said that Trump had touched them during interviews with People magazines in 2005 and 1979, respectively. Trump has refuted them.

Trump did not present any evidence for himself or summon any witnesses. When the former president’s attorney insisted that he would not attend, Trump, who was at the time in Ireland, told local reporters that he would “probably attend.”

He was then given a window by the judge presiding over the case to make this request, but no motion was submitted.

However, some of Trump’s videotaped deposition from October was shown to the jurors. In the testimony, Trump once more refuted Carroll’s account and occasionally criticized her appearance and attorney.

He also refuted the claims of the other two women and defended the infamous “Access Hollywood” tape.

Carroll still has a lawsuit against Trump filed around two years ago.

In that lawsuit, Trump is accused of defaming Carroll by initially denying her claims when she came out in 2019. However, because Trump made those remarks while in office, there has been controversy surrounding his immunity, which has delayed the action.

Former President Trump claims he was silenced during the trial involving author E. Jean Carroll, who is suing the former president for sexual battery and defamation, saying that he will appeal the case over its “unconstitutional silencing.”

“Waiting for a jury decision on a False Accusation where I, despite being a current political candidate and leading all others in both parties, am not allowed to speak or defend myself, even as hard-nosed reporters scream questions about this case at me. In the meantime, the other side has a book falsely accusing me of rape, & is working with the press.” – Donald J. Trump

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