(FamilyConservationPAC.com) – The Democratic Party is facing an internal dispute on improving President Joe Biden’s image and campaign strategy.

There is a growing concern among Democrats that former President Donald Trump might defeat the 80-year-old President in the 2024 election, especially after recent polls revealed President Biden’s declining chances of winning a second term.

Republicans stand a good chance of holding the House, the Senate, and the White House thanks to the Democrats’ apparent panic-stricken state of disarray.

Republicans are cautiously optimistic that, given how long elections take in politics—a whole year away—they can maintain the current momentum until election day. The political landscape is probably going to shift.

The Democrats expressed alarm in response to Sunday’s shocking New York Times/Siena College poll.

Trump leads Biden in five of the six battleground states, according to the poll.

It also showed that Biden is having an increasing amount of trouble holding onto the support of Hispanic and Black voters, two important demographic groups that Democrats depend on to stay in power.

Democrats were forewarned by Politico, NBC News, and the Washington Post on Monday and Tuesday about Biden’s precarious political situation and what they could do to address it.

Jonathan Lemire, Adam Cancryn, Holly Otterbein, and Elena Schneider of Politico reported on the Democrats’ impasse on whether to highlight Joe Biden’s purported political achievements or concentrate on disparaging Trump, Biden’s most likely opponent.

“But the idea of making the election more about Biden’s predecessor than Biden himself remains hotly debated. One national Democratic strategist close to the campaign said it’s imperative that the campaign do everything in its power to make voters aware of what Biden’s done in office.

Still, concerns are mounting among major donors and Democrats close to the White House, chiefly around Biden’s months long struggle to sell his economic record. One donor said the campaign erred in calculating that once voters understood the president’s accomplishments, his approval ratings would go up.”

The following derogatory metaphor was requested by NBC News’s Peter Nicholas, Megan Lebowitz, Katherine Doyle, and Alex Seitz-Wald to represent Biden’s dwindling chances of winning reelection:

“The campaign for President Joe Biden’s reelection is a ‘five-alarm fire.'” This is a cardiac patient who needs a “defibrillator.” Or a lemming headed toward its inevitable “slow march into the sea and drowning”:

All come from Democratic strategists whose low-boil frustrations with Biden’s candidacy erupted over the weekend amid a spate of bleak polling numbers. No less a party mastermind than David Axelrod, architect of Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign, suggested in a social media post that Biden consider dropping out of the race and letting someone more electable take his place as the Democratic presidential nominee.

The 2024 presidential election looks increasingly like it will be a rematch of four years ago, and Democrats are more and more worried that the outcome may not swing their way this time. Yet at this point, they’re stuck with Biden — whether they like it or not.

“Biden’s supporters are “growing increasingly anxious” because Biden’s reelection team is “ignoring warning signs and not taking action to correct course amid increasing indications that Biden is likely to face a tough race” against Trump,” according to Tyler Pager and Dan Balz of The Washington Post, who echoed the anxiety.

Close Biden advisers “largely dismissed the polls over the weekend and did not signal any serious concern about their strategy,” according to a Post story from inside the campaign.

But many Democratic strategists are concerned that “Biden’s core political team—which includes a group of seasoned aides—is not completely transparent or receptive to outside counsel.”

Democrat anxiety seems well-founded. It’s not just the Times survey that has the President in the negative.

An eight-point increase in just ten months, seventy-three percent of respondents believe Biden’s America is failing, according to a CBS News/YouGov poll released on Sunday.

Fewer than 25% of Americans think that if Biden is reelected, their financial situation will improve.

Biden’s approval rating ended October at 45%, down two points from September, according to a Thursday Rasmussen poll.

The polling confirms other studies that found Joe Biden’s popularity fell following the October 7 terror assaults against Israel by Hamas.

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