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Home News Biden Says Hamas Should ‘Learn How to Shoot Straight’

Biden Says Hamas Should ‘Learn How to Shoot Straight’

Biden Says Hamas Should ‘Learn How to Shoot Straight’

( – When it was announced that Hamas terrorists had accidentally struck a Gaza Strip hospital with an unintentionally fired missile, President Joe Biden responded quite tone-deafly, telling them to “learn how to shoot straight.”

The mainstream media first claimed that Israel had destroyed a hospital in the Gaza Strip. Still, subsequently, reports revealed that the facility was really targeted by terrorists from Hamas using a misaimed rocket.

According to Breitbart News, the terrorists can be heard reacting once they realize their mistakes in the tape that the IDF has since published.

Israeli apologists and Hamas quickly attributed the incident to an airstrike.

News agencies, including the Getty Photo Agency, reported unverified allegations that Israel had “attack[ed]” the hospital, blaming the Hamas-run “Gaza Health Ministry.” Early reporting by the BBC blamed Israel for the catastrophe.

During a Wednesday press conference, Biden stated that terrorists “need to learn how to shoot straight.”

A scheduled summit between Biden and Arab leaders in Jordan had to be canceled because of the hospital explosion, which terrorists believe was carried out by Israel.

Biden, too, thought Israel was the bombing’s perpetrator until further evidence disproved his theory.

“I’m not familiar with every detail, but I know that respected members of the intelligence community and the Defense Department believe it is highly unlikely that Israel carried out that action,” Biden stated on Air Force One.

The bottom line is everyone was quick to blame Israel without knowing what really happens. This caused a lot of riots globally.

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