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Home News Biden Betrays Elderly With Devastating Medicare Cuts

Biden Betrays Elderly With Devastating Medicare Cuts

Biden Betrays Elderly With Devastating Medicare Cuts

( – After repeatedly asserting that Republicans intend to destroy Social Security and Medicare, President Joe Biden’s administration declared it would eliminate Medicare Advantage.

In line with the administration’s proposal two months earlier, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) said this week that they would reduce Medicare Advantage by 1.12% in 2024.

According to Bloomberg:

“The agency will also phase in controversial changes that determine payments based on the severity of patients’ health problems. That policy will take effect over three years instead of one year after the proposal drew fierce criticism from the industry.

The changes add up to a near-term victory for the industry, which had argued that the Biden administration went too far in its initial proposal. But the policy may mark the start of a period of slower growth for a market that has doubled in size in the last decade, driving growth and profits at major insurers.”

As a result of his repeated accusations that Republicans seek to cut Social Security and Medicare as part of a potential deal to address the approaching debt ceiling deadline, Biden has proposed these cutbacks to Medicare Advantage.

Republicans have criticized Biden’s apparent hypocrisy, including Sens. Steve Daines (R-MT), Tom Cotton (R-AR), and Rep. Kevin Hern (R-OK), the head of the Republican Study Committee (RSC).

According to Breitbart News, Biden introduced a bill in 1975 that called for the reauthorization and sunsetting all federal programs, including Social Security and Medicare.

“We must… start evaluating current programs to see if they are still worthwhile investments in terms of both effectiveness and cost. On introducing the 1975 law, Biden declared, “We must eliminate the wasteful ones.

Then-Sen. Biden continued, “One thing that we have all noticed is that once a federal program gets started, it is very difficult to cancel it or even modify its emphasis, regardless of its prior performance.”

“It is time for us to demand that the administrators of these programs and the legislators who adopt the programs, assess their operations with attention and detail on a regular and ongoing basis.”

This will be devastating for Seniors who depend on Medicare Advantage.

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