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Home News Bernie Sanders Reveals the Dark Side of ‘Bidenomics’

Bernie Sanders Reveals the Dark Side of ‘Bidenomics’

Bernie Sanders Reveals the Dark Side of ‘Bidenomics’

( – On CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) argued that while President Joe Biden has accomplished a lot, 60% of people live paycheck to paycheck, and the healthcare system is a “total disaster.”

According to Sanders, Sander said that the president has every reason to be highly pleased with many of the achievements made in the last three years, including the extremely low unemployment rate.

He added, “We have reduced inflation. We are putting money into clean energy. We are constructing new infrastructure. Although we have achieved significant progress in recent years, 60% of our population still lives paycheck to paycheck.

Sanders continued by saying that income and wealth inequality are incredibly high and our healthcare system is in absolute chaos.

He said 85 million individuals lack adequate insurance, yet insurance corporations profit greatly. Pharmaceutical medications and preservatives are expensive.

“So the point is, in my opinion, the president should tout his very good record,” he said.

“We must keep fighting for women’s autonomy over their bodies. However, we must face the harsh realities of modern life. Roosevelt acted in that way in 1936,” he added.

“The second is to recognize the pervasiveness of corporate greed in our society,” Sanders concluded that the wealthy are getting richer while the working class is struggling.

According to Sanders, the minimum wage must be raised to a livable wage. “We have to make it plain that we’re going to stand with those people and have a health care system that works for everyone. Therefore, I believe that was yesterday’s message.”

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