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Home News Alarmists Predict 1 Billion Deaths from Climate Change This Century

Alarmists Predict 1 Billion Deaths from Climate Change This Century

Alarmists Predict 1 Billion Deaths from Climate Change This Century

( – In a recently published study, researchers from Canada and Australia estimated that over the next 100 years, climate change will cause an astonishing one billion deaths.

The authors evaluated 180 papers on the relationship between climate change and mortality, citing a “scientific consensus,” and arrived at the “1000-ton rule,” which states that one person for 1,000 tons of fossil fuel burning.

The article claims that “a future person is killed every time humanity burns 1000 tons of fossil carbon,” citing a calculation that “burning a trillion tons of fossil carbon will cause 2°C of anthropogenic global warming (AGW), which in turn will cause roughly a billion future premature deaths spread over a period of very roughly one century.”

Suppose the study’s authors are to be believed.

In that case, there will be slightly over 10 billion people on the planet by the year 2100, which means that 10% of humanity will perish due to climate change.

The article asserts that if all of the five trillion tons of fossil carbon in the Earth’s crust were burned, “global mean surface temperature would increase by up to 10°C relative to the pre-industrial era and could threaten human extinction.”

“If you take the scientific consensus of the 1,000-ton rule seriously, and run the numbers, anthropogenic global warming (AGW) equates to a billion premature dead bodies over the next century,” said Western University’s Joshua Pearce, one of the authors. “Obviously, we have to act. And we have to act fast.”

According to the study, it has been “clear for a decade or more that the final death toll due to AGW will be much greater than 100 million, or one million per year for a century — an extreme best case if current death rates from AGW miraculously remained constant at about one million per year (a level that may have already reached).”

One wonders where the study’s authors get their confidence that over 3,000 people are passing away daily due to global warming since there has never been a single death that has been clearly linked to climate change.

Moreover, forecasting a sudden reversal in the trend would require a more scientific explanation than the clever-sounding but ultimately untenable “1000-ton rule” because the total number of weather-related deaths has steadily declined by the year to a mere fraction of what they were 100 years ago.

Last but not least, the study’s authors ignore the alarming statistic that every year, more people die from cold than from heat, which would appear to suggest that slightly higher temperatures would result in fewer — not more — weather-related deaths.

But avoiding the facts favoring a compelling narrative is a tried-and-true tactic that has worked remarkably well for those raising concerns about climate change.

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