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Home News A Christian’s Conservative View On Critical Race Theory

A Christian’s Conservative View On Critical Race Theory

A Christian’s Conservative View On Critical Race Theory
A Christian's Conservative View On Critical Race Theory

(Family Conservation PAC) – Last April, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed bill (HB) 7 into law prohibiting teaching Critical Race Theory (CRT) in K-12 classrooms. Born out of an academic theory of law, CRT teaches the underpinnings of American society is systemic racism, established by those apparently in power: Whites.

According to CRT, all actions by White people, down to their thinking, rationality, and societal participation, further the systemic oppression of minorities. Rightfully so, DeSantis expunged it from Florida’s education system.

CRT was formed out of “Critical Theory,” a social philosophy born in Frankfurt, Germany, at the University of Frankfurt’s Institute for Social Research.

“The Frankfurt School” churned out writings by scholars inspired by Marxist and Nietzschean philosophy in the early 90s. But during World War II, the critical theorists fled to America, and their teachings eventually reached the scholarship of American universities in the 1970s.

Derrick Bell, Richard Delgado, and Alan Freeman lead the charge by publishing some of the first CRT literature. These scholars formed the foundations of the philosophy, moved by their urge to mediate the racial inequalities of the day.

CRT was first a legal framework supposing America’s law system was made to suppress minority flourishing, and this suppression couldn’t be amended by legislating more laws.

However, it has now grown into an all-encompassing worldview. Modern CRT theorists claim Whites are fundamentally racist in every aspect of their life, while Whites and American society have generationally oppressed Blacks.

Common tenets of CRT are the validity of subjective experience, lieu of absolute truth, and unconscious bias. The fatal moral and logical errors of CRT are glaring.

First, CRT is grounded in a false witness of Whites in supposing all white people are racist, even without trying. CRT seems to pull these conclusions without an empirical basis and materializes them from assumptions.

CRT has no objective standard to make this claim in a worldview that prioritizes subjective experience over absolute truth. The conclusions are pulled out of the ether.

In the final analysis, CRT divides, and instead of amending “systemic racism,” it creates actual racism by giving people an unfounded reason for hate.

It’s difficult to say why progressives teach CRT in schools and college universities. Likely, it’s taught because CRT provides a gateway for other Marxist indoctrination.

Once the CRT worldview is accepted, other teachings can be implemented as one group begins questioning their rational faculties, as they are tainted by unseen racism.

The subjective experience becomes the barometer of truth for some, namely minorities and enlightened CRT theorists, but the oppressor group doesn’t enjoy this luxury.

Conservatives can, and should, make efforts to keep CRT out of their local classrooms. Concerned parents can make their voices known by speaking out at monthly school board meetings, often gaining media attention.

Several parents have done so and successfully fought back against CRT-leaning school boards. Supporting local politicians who publicly disavow CRT and calling state legislators are other grass-roots ways to prevent it from showing up in the classroom.

What are your thoughts on Critical Race Theory in the classroom?

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