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Home News Your Wallet, Their Meals: Illegal Aliens Dine on Your Dime!

Your Wallet, Their Meals: Illegal Aliens Dine on Your Dime!

Your Wallet, Their Meals: Illegal Aliens Dine on Your Dime!

( – Do you have $256 a day to spend on meals for a family of four? These costs indeed look exorbitantly high. For roughly $50, many taxpayers can feed a family of four with pizza for dinner.

However, the cost of providing meals for a migrant family of four is estimated at $124 for taxpayers. That easily exceeds the amount we spend on ourselves by twofold.

Once more, the cost of the refugee crisis is spiraling out of control. According to a recent CBS News story, Massachusetts vendors charge each migrant the state feeds $16 for breakfast, $17 for lunch, and $31 for dinner daily.

The suppliers are charging the state, and the taxpayers are footing the bill.

The entire cost per person each day is $64. Stated differently, each person will pay roughly $450 per week or $2,000 per month.

The expenses quickly amount to roughly $256 daily, $1,792 per week, or $7,680 monthly for a family of four.

The state would have to pay more than $92,000 only to feed a recently arrived immigrant family if they were to claim this benefit for the entire year, which doesn’t seem unreasonable given the current condition of affairs.

This does not account for the expenses of providing them with emergency medical care, shelter over their heads, or the education of their children, all of which are mandated by state law.

With a typical family income of about $89,000, Massachusetts has one of the highest in the nation, yet even that much wouldn’t be enough to pay for the meals these just-arrived migrants are currently receiving.

State House leaders are addressing the issue by simply throwing taxpayer money at it, which puts Massachusetts taxpayers on the hook. The Beacon Hill lawmakers do not appear to recognize the urgent need for adjustments to the magnet policy, in contrast to the hardworking people paying the bills.

These new estimates only account for food costs; they do not account for the estimated $1 billion or more that state taxpayers spend annually on benefits under the “right to shelter” law.

The statute enables any immigrant to enter Massachusetts and be granted taxpayer-funded shelter, making it the only state in the nation to bestow this privilege.

Governor Maura Healey (D) attempted to informally cap the program by stating how many families we can physically accommodate. Still, it doesn’t appear to be working well for her administration.

Consider this if you are a suffering town or city that needs to fix a municipal facility or restore a road: the state is spending around $3 million a day on migrant housing, which could be used for local needs. $3 million a day might go a long way for a town or community.

The Massachusetts legislature enacted a temporary budget to increase state funding for the emergency shelter system in December and signed into law by Governor Healey.

It also contained a new rule that permits certain immigrants to be eligible for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program assistance.

These substantial welfare payments are meant for food-related grocery store expenditures. The maximum monthly SNAP payout is $291 for an individual, $535 for a couple, and $766 for a family of three.

These enormous welfare payouts are beginning to mount up. $3 million is spent per day on housing.

For a single immigrant, SNAP poverty benefits total $291 per month.

Daily meals cost roughly $64. Not to mention the expensive emergency medical care. When you start doing the math, it becomes evident that the state is paying more for immigrants than many productive taxpayers in the Bay State can afford daily.

And what next does the state do? Healey and the leaders of the state House must change their belief that the amount of money allocated to a problem determines whether or not a policy succeeds.

The expensive scenario we find ourselves in now results from just throwing money at the issue. This is not a sustainable course of action.

It is not leadership but rather the stupidity of current state policies that draw people to our state. It’s not working; instead, it’s making things worse.

Our state House representatives will not stop wasting our hard-earned tax money and requesting more until we apply sufficient pressure on them.

The current state of migration is mainly the consequence of Congress’s passivity and Joe Biden’s poor management of the southern border.

Still, Governor Healey’s and the Massachusetts legislature’s current response has been insufficient and expensive.

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