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Home News VP Rumors? Trump Follows Dr. Ben Carson on Truth Social

VP Rumors? Trump Follows Dr. Ben Carson on Truth Social

VP Rumors? Trump Follows Dr. Ben Carson on Truth Social

( – After it was revealed that the 45th President had been following Dr. Ben Carson on Truth Social, rumors began circulating that Trump might choose the former HUD secretary.

According to reports on Friday, Trump became the first vice presidential candidate to follow Dr. Ben Carson on Truth Social, leaving Carson as the sole other candidate.

As The Gateway Pundit has previously revealed, the Trump team has screened several prospective vice presidential candidates, including Carson.


Note that Senator J.D. Vance and Governor Doug Burgum—who the Trump team has also investigated as possible vice presidential candidates—are not on Truth Social.

According to Newsweek:

“Carson is a qualified pediatric neurosurgeon who ran for the Republican nomination in 2016 and ended up working in Trump’s administration.
As a Black Christian from Detroit, he may be able to bring in more Black votes for Trump, who has already seen an increase in support from communities of color.”

“However, he has faced controversy for comments in the past, including when he said the U.S. was in a “Gestapo age,” when he said Obamacare was the “worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery” and when he said he would not agree with a Muslim person being elected as president.”

“Nevertheless, rumors are circulating that Carson has been picked, with him being the only known contender followed by Trump, aside from Noem, on Truth Social, as of July 7.”

On Saturday night, Trump also sent happy anniversary wishes to Dr. Carson and his wife, Candy.

“Happy Anniversary to Ben & Candy Carson, two really spectacular people!” posted Trump on Truth Social. DJT

Carson has been out on the Trump campaign road in recent weeks.

Carson participated in the Black American Business Leaders Barbershop Roundtable event in Atlanta last week on behalf of the Trump campaign.


Would Dr. Ben Carson be the choice as VP for President Trump?

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