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Home News US Supreme Court Delivers Blow to Texas Immigration Law

US Supreme Court Delivers Blow to Texas Immigration Law

US Supreme Court Delivers Blow to Texas Immigration Law

(—The contentious Texas SB4 Immigration Law was placed on indefinite hold by the U.S. Supreme Court shortly after a 4 p.m. deadline passed. Justice Samuel Alito issued another order to temporarily halt the bill’s implementation.

A timeframe for the most recent pause is not stated in the last-minute intervention. For the time being, migrants who enter Texas illegally from Mexico won’t face legal action, jail time, or deportation from state law enforcement officials.

The new law would provide state and local law enforcement officials the authority to detain and prosecute those who enter the state unlawfully. If someone enters the country illegally through Texas, they face severe consequences under the law.

As part of their penalty for entering the state illegally, it also offers a procedure for migrants to be expelled from the United States.

The Supreme Court has three times halted, reinstated, and put a halt to Texas’ new immigration law during the federal court’s legal battle over its constitutionality.

Citing the federal government’s authority over the enforcement of immigration laws, Austin’s Senior U.S. District Judge David Ezra suspended the implementation of Senate Bill 4, which was scheduled to go into effect on March 5.

“Texas has relied on its expansive police powers afforded to it under the Constitution to regulate crime within its borders for the past century,” Ezra said in his judgment.

He added, “Texas is free to keep doing this, but it is not allowed to control the federal domain of unauthorized admission and deportation.”

Following Texas’s appeal of Ezra’s decision, a federal appeals court on Saturday issued an order granting a seven-day stay, preventing the law’s enforcement and the Biden Administration from taking the case to the U.S. Supreme Court.

If the Supreme Court hadn’t intervened, the law would have taken effect on March 9 by appeal court decision that reversed Ezra’s earlier order.

Texas SB4 is modeled after a federal statute now in effect under Title 8 of the United States Code 1325, which classifies unauthorized entry into the country as a felony for repeat offenders and a misdemeanor for first-time offenders.

The federal statute has not been actively pursued under the Biden administration.

It will probably be a brutal fight for the law before the nation’s highest court. A comparable immigration measure that Arizona Governor Jan Brewer put into law in 2010 would have made it a misdemeanor criminal for immigrants to be present illegally in the state and to work there without authorization.

Ultimately, the Supreme Court decided Arizona’s SB 1070 violated the federal government’s exclusive authority to control immigration rules.

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