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Home News Trump Tears into Libertarians at Their Own Convention (VIDEO)

Trump Tears into Libertarians at Their Own Convention (VIDEO)

Trump Tears into Libertarians at Their Own Convention (VIDEO)

( – During his speech at the Libertarian conference this past weekend, President Trump made fun of the group after receiving boos from the attendees.

During the Libertarian Party’s annual convention on Saturday, Trump tried to win over the group. At one point, he even suggested they pick him as their candidate for the 2024 race. The audience immediately sneered at such a suggestion.

When asked about his nomination, he advised the audience, “Only do that if you want to win.” “Don’t do it if you want to lose. Continue receiving your 3% every four years.”

In recent presidential elections, the Libertarian Party has rarely received considerable support.

In the 2020 election, Jo Jorgensen, the Libertarian Party’s presidential candidate, garnered slightly more than 1% of the national vote.

In the 2016 election, Gary Johnson, the Libertarian nominee, garnered roughly 3.3 percent of the national vote.

To defeat President Biden in November, Trump pushed the Libertarians to “combine with us” throughout his entire speech on Saturday. He begged the party for support, saying he wished to “extend a hand of friendship” to them.

At one point, Trump stated, “I’m asking for the Libertarian Party’s endorsement, or at least lots of your votes,” to a few jeers.

Some Trump fans were in the crowd, occasionally chanting, “We want Trump.”

In addition, Trump promised that if he wins the November presidential election, he would nominate a Libertarian to his Cabinet.

Additionally, he promised to commute Ross Ulbricht’s life term in prison for his involvement in running an online marketplace where illegal substances were bought and sold.

Arriving at the Libertarian National Convention one day after independent contender Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke to the assembly at the same venue was Trump.

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