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Home News This is How Much Michelle Obama Got Paid For a 1-Hour Speech

This is How Much Michelle Obama Got Paid For a 1-Hour Speech

This is How Much Michelle Obama Got Paid For a 1-Hour Speech

( – Michelle Obama received $750,000 for giving a one-hour speech at a tech exhibition in Munich, Germany.

According to people with close ties to the conference organizers, the former first lady was paid a significant sum to speak at a startup event that coincided with the well-known Oktoberfest beer festival, according to reports.

The three-day Bits & Pretzels conference provided a forum for entrepreneurs of domestic and foreign businesses to discuss their paths to success.

Obama was scheduled to address a crowd of about five thousand people. Overcoming self-doubt and highlighting the importance of inclusivity and diversity were the main topics of her presentation.

Michelle Obama still has a significant amount of support from the American people. Only 15% of participants in a recent YouGov study had an unfavorable opinion of her.

In comparison, 77% of respondents had a favorable opinion.

According to reports, several people, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), think Michelle Obama will unseat President Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee for president.

“And so when I see the media turning on Joe Biden right now, I think the odds of Michelle Obama parachuting in in August of 2024 have risen dramatically,” Cruz said on his podcast, Verdict with Ted Cruz.

“And that ought to scare the hell out of anyone who is unhappy about the direction this country is going and doesn’t want us to go even crazier, in an even worse direction,” Cruz added.

Michelle Obama started a six-city nationwide book tour last year to promote her most recent book, “The Light We Carry.” She offers her unique perspectives on the routines, mindsets, and convictions that have enabled her to conquer her phobias in this book.

The Obamas have made a lot of money speaking appearances since leaving the White House, and they signed a hefty $65 million book deal with Penguin for their memoirs.

In 2018, they also formed a joint production business called “Higher Ground.” They signed a multi-year, “multi-million dollar” contract with Netflix, the industry’s largest streaming service.

Do you think Michelle Obama will run in 2024?

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