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Home News Terror Group Hezbollah Praises Protests On College Campuses

Terror Group Hezbollah Praises Protests On College Campuses

Terror Group Hezbollah Praises Protests On College Campuses

( – One of the senior operatives in one of the largest terrorist groups in the world applauded the left-wing pro-Hamas demonstrations that have erupted on American college campuses during the past two weeks, claiming that they are forcing President Joe Biden to soften his stance on Israel.

The Middle East Media Research Institute translated the comments made by Sheikh Naim Qassem, the deputy secretary-general of Hezbollah, late last week.

“Biden is under internal and external pressure because of his policy and approach,” he said. “The pressure within America is more significant. He is at risk of losing the elections because of Gaza.”

“When the American people take a stand in support of Gaza … we salute and applaud them,” he continued. “We appreciate and value this very much. … The [campus protests] are important, especially because they will have an impact on the U.S. elections. They will have an impact on the American position. Even if Biden says that he will not be influenced by this, he will whether he likes it or not. We will see him taking actions because of the protesters’ influence on him.”

According to Qassem, the Lebanese terror group with Iranian sponsorship aspires for the protests to so dramatically change American public opinion that “America will no longer support Israel to such an extent.”

“Without support, Israel is nothing,” he continued. “We would not have to work hard in order to destroy Israel. Without support, it will be destroyed.”

Do you believe the left-wing pro-Hamas demonstrations on college campuses are helping the terror group Hezbollah?

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