Fiscal Power Move: House Votes ‘Yes’ on Debt Ceiling, Senate Next

Fiscal Power Move House Votes Yes on Debt Ceiling Senate Next

( – On Wednesday, the House overwhelmingly approved raising the debt ceiling in return for Republican-backed spending restraint measures. The “Fiscal Responsibility Act,” which was approved 314 to 117, will now be considered by the Democratic-controlled Senate. A sizable majority of both parties—149 Republicans and 165 Democrats—voted in favor of the legislation. “The Fiscal Responsibility Act […]

Democrats Admit Debt Ceiling Defeat, Still Urge Unity in ‘Yes’ Vote

Democrats Admit Debt Ceiling Defeat Still Urge Unity in Yes Vote

( – Leaders of the Democratic Party have urged their colleagues to vote “yes” while acknowledging inevitable defeats in the debt ceiling negotiations. According to Congressional reporter Max Cohen, former House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) reportedly urged his colleagues to vote “yes” despite some of their reservations. “Despite these defeats, we must prevent Republicans’ […]

(TENTATIVE) Debt Ceiling Deal Reached Over Weekend To Avoid Shutdown

TENTATIVE Debt Ceiling Deal Reached Over Weekend To Avoid Shutdown 1

( – President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) have agreed to raise the debt ceiling. After difficult discussions, a “tentative” compromise has been reached that raises the debt ceiling for roughly the next two years in exchange for specific Republican-requested spending cuts and other concessions. Although they still need to spend the […]