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Home News Squad Member Rashida Tlaib Doubts Israel’s Claim About Hospital Explosion

Squad Member Rashida Tlaib Doubts Israel’s Claim About Hospital Explosion

Squad Member Rashida Tlaib Doubts Israel’s Claim About Hospital Explosion

( – Squad member Rashida Tlaib is still skeptical that the October 17 rocket attack on the Gaza City hospital was caused by an errant Palestinian Islamic Jihad missile rather than an Israel Defense Force rocket.

Tlaib said in an official statement on Monday that “media outlets and third-party analysts” have been casting doubt on Israel’s provided proof that a rogue Palestinian Islamic Jihad rocket struck a Gaza hospital parking lot, potentially killing 50 people instead of the 500 initially reported.

“Media outlets and third-party analysts have raised doubts about claims and evidence offered by both Israel and the Gaza Ministry of Health, and I agree with the United Nations that an independent investigation is necessary,” she wrote, continuing:

“I cannot uncritically accept Israel’s denials of responsibility as fact, especially in light of confirmation from the World Health Organization that Israel has bombed numerous medical facilities in Gaza and reports from the Palestinian Red Crescent Society of ongoing threats from the Israeli military to evacuate hospitals.”

Tlaib emphasized that lies have historically been told by the US and Israeli administrations to conceal war crimes.

She demanded an impartial inquiry to resolve the conflict:

“Both the Israeli and United States governments have long, documented histories of misleading the public about wars and war crimes—like last year’s Israeli military assassination of Shireen Abu Akleh and the false claims of weapons of mass destruction that led our country into the Iraq War—and cannot clear themselves of responsibility without an independent international investigation.”

This debate should not distract us from the urgent need for a ceasefire to save innocent civilian lives.”

“It turned out to be caused by an errant Palestinian rocket, not an Israeli airstrike, and the rocket hit the parking lot of the hospital, not the building itself, though there were casualties,” Concerned Patriot said regarding the explosion at Al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza City.

According to the National Security Council (NSC), Israel is not to blame for the explosion.

NSC spokesman Adrienne Watson stated, “Although we are still gathering information, our current assessment is that Israel is not responsible for the explosion at the hospital in Gaza yesterday. This conclusion is based on analysis of overhead imagery, intercepts, and open source information.”

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