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Home News Salon Magazine: ‘MAGA, Christians Bigger Threat to America than Hamas’

Salon Magazine: ‘MAGA, Christians Bigger Threat to America than Hamas’

Salon Magazine: ‘MAGA, Christians Bigger Threat to America than Hamas’

( – According to a recent Salon article that is receiving a lot of backlash for its “gross” claims, today’s Republicans and Christian nationalism pose a bigger threat to the US than Hamas, which has carried out numerous terror attacks, including the most recent massacre that claimed the lives of over 1,000 civilians.

After the bloodiest attack on Jews since the Holocaust by the Nazis, an essay in Salon Magazine declared that Christian supporters and MAGA Republicans posed a “bigger threat” to the United States than did the terrorists from Hamas.

Playboy’s former senior White House writer Brian Karem is a columnist.

His essay, “MAGA and Christian nationalism: Bigger threat to America than Hamas could ever be,” was published on Thursday.

The essay begins with a warning that the globe “inches closer to a war that only psychopaths want to see,” painting a bleak picture of the current political landscape while contrasting the threat of Christian nationalism and the MAGA movement in America against the terrorist organization Hamas.

In contrast to external terrorist threats, Karem contends that the Republican Party’s radicalization and internal conflicts, as exemplified by individuals such as newly appointed Speaker of the House Mike Johnson, represent a larger threat to American democracy.

He writes, “While the world burns, Johnson and the MAGA wing of the Republican Party are embracing the darkest verses of the Bible, apparently pushing for the apocalypse with enthusiasm only rivaled by Saul’s slaughter of Christians before he changed his name to Paul. They seem to have swallowed the evangelical movement while also embracing it (a T-1000 morphing into Sarah Connor is just about the right image).”

Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer’s attempt at a bipartisan response to the risks posed by artificial intelligence is one aspect of the article’s larger political background.

But even members of the GOP who support aid to Ukraine, like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), are becoming less and less popular, he says, since they despise collaboration.

Conversely, he asserts, the MAGA faction—now headed by House Speaker Mike Johnson—is committed to establishing a Christian theocracy.

He writes, “The House of Representatives, now led by Johnson, offers a discounted version of the cataclysmic orgasm the religious fervent have long fantasized about.” “They seem intent on turning the United States into a theocracy ruled by people who will thud you with the Bible, but they haven’t read much of it,” said the person who revived the Inquisition.

Furthermore, he charged that Republicans and their adherents only accepted “the angry God of the Old Testament and the apocalyptic parts of Revelation brought on by ergot poisoning.”

Such Republicans, in Karem’s words, “want no separation of church and state.”

He claims they appear “hellbent on returning to the Middle Ages, driven there by the first Christian nationalist House speaker,” and that they “want an isolationist country surrounded by walls and dedicated to the proposition that the First Amendment guarantees them the right to worship any way they want— while forcing the rest of us to worship the way they choose.”

Additionally, he asserts that contemporary Republicans don’t give a damn about the potential for theocratic challenges to freedom.

“They take great pleasure in being sly. He writes, “They are content to play games with a government shutdown—the current equivalent of fiddling while it all burns—and detest freedom of opinion and independence.

The veteran White House correspondent ends by discussing President Joe Biden’s declining popularity as well as the nation’s larger problems, which range from climate change to the possibility of mass violence and political unrest.

Many people responded by expressing their displeasure about the article on social media.

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and the owner of X (previously Twitter), said, “Good grief.”

The most significant terrorist attack in Israel’s history was carried out by the U.S.-designated Islamic terror group last month.

The group’s radical ideology led to the operation. The group’s charter openly calls for the slaughter of Jews and the destruction of the Jewish state through relentless jihad.

In an attack last month, some 2,500 terrorists broke into Israel via land, sea, and air. They opened fire on attendees of an open-air music festival.

Others went door-to-door in search of Jewish men, women, and children living in nearby towns, who were subsequently subjected to rape, torture, execution, self-immolation, and kidnapping.

The attack was similar to scenes from the Nazi Holocaust.

Within the Jewish state, the attack claimed the lives of nearly 1,400 people, injured over 5,300 more, and captured at least 242 hostages of all ages.

Numerous Americans are among the many civilian victims, who make up the great majority of the casualties.

The GOP was referred to as the “world’s largest white supremacist” organization and a “de facto terrorist organization” in an essay published in the progressive magazine last year.

In a previously published interview, Salon described “the Republican fascist movement” as “objectively evil” and charged “white Christians” with endorsing fascism, terrorism, falsehoods, and white supremacy.

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