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Republicans Rise Against Biden’s COVID Tyranny!

Republicans Rise Against Biden’s COVID Tyranny!

( – Amid growing worries about potential coronavirus outbreaks, Republicans are pledging “never again” to any Biden administration attempts to reintroduce COVID “tyranny” mandates. They also promise to use legislation and other means to ensure that “ineffective, unscientific mask mandates” don’t return in “any way, shape, or form.”

GOP lawmakers have vowed to reject the ongoing threats to reinstate various coronavirus requirements.

The “Freedom to Breathe Act,” sponsored by Ohio Republican Sen. J.D. Vance, seeks to outlaw federal mask requirements, particularly in public schools, aircraft, and public transportation, starting in 2024.

“We’re not going to go back to the top-down government overreach we saw during COVID,” vowed Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN). “Congress needs to say forcefully that these ineffective, unscientific mask mandates are not coming back in any way, shape, or form.”

“NO MASK MANDATES,” he added.

“I’m proudly introducing a bill that BANS mask mandates EVERYWHERE,” he announced in another post. “We cannot afford to make the same mistakes over again in dealing with COVID.”

“Joe Biden is attempting to bring back COVID tyranny,” wrote Rep. Andrew Clyde (R-GA). “We must forcefully REJECT this nonsense and continue fighting for medical freedom.”

“No vaccine mandates. No vaccine passports. No mask mandates. No lockdowns,” wrote Senator Eric Schmitt (R-MO).

“If you want to voluntarily wear a mask, fine, but leave our kids the hell alone,” wrote Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX).

“The American people do not want more COVID mandates from tyrants seeking more power over our lives,” wrote Rep. Bob Good (R-VA).

“As Biden’s biomedical state is chomping at the bit to bring back COVID authoritarianism, we will continue to hold the line,” wrote Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

“As your President, I will usher in a reckoning for those who devised the failed and destructive biomedical policies that caused damage throughout our country, because until there is accountability they will try to do it again,” he added.

“They want to muzzle your children,” he added in another post. “Those mandates are DOA in the state of Florida because we’ve enacted protections for parents and children. When I’m President, there will be a reckoning for the harm they’ve done to kids in pursuit of a political agenda.”

“Today on #Kudlow I discussed the push for new COVID mandates. We should avoid any mandates, not only with masks but with mandatory vaccines for kids,” wrote Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).

“Let’s leave them the hell alone,” he added.

“Last night I joined @Jessebwatters to discuss COVID and more,” he added in another post. “The mask mandates are a crime against children and we should never put our kids through that again!”

“This is how we fight and win. @JDVance1 is showing Republicans how to go on offense to defeat the leftwing covid fanatics,” wrote Ohio Senate Republican candidate Bernie Moreno.

“My father called for this last week and it’s great to see @JDVance1 going on offense to immediately turn it into legislation and force a vote on it,” wrote former President Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr.

“Every Republican who is serious about defeating the left should be publicly supporting JD’s bill to stop mandates from returning,” he added.

“I will NOT vote to fund any school that is masking children. Masking for COVID is insanity and is CHILD ABUSE,” wrote Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA).

“I will NOT vote to fund ANY COVID masks mandates, vaccine mandates, or COVID anything,” she added.

Sen. Vance’s Act would forbid President Joe Biden and federal organizations from enforcing face mask regulations that call for compliance from schoolchildren or passengers on public transportation.

The issue arises as several organizations enforce mask requirements again. President Biden once more spotted disguising himself in enclosed spaces.

Former president Donald Trump issued a dire warning last week, claiming that “left-wing lunatics are trying very hard to bring back COVID lockdowns and mandates” to supposedly sway the 2024 presidential election.

Will you comply?

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