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Home News NO JUSTICE! Trump Fined $9K for Gag Order Violation

NO JUSTICE! Trump Fined $9K for Gag Order Violation

NO JUSTICE! Trump Fined $9K for Gag Order Violation

( – Judge Juan Merchan of New York County has declared that former President Donald Trump broke a gag order during his trial. He has been found guilty of criminal contempt and faces jail time if he commits further violations.

Additionally, Trump was directed by Merchan to take down the “seven offending posts” from Truth Social.

As stated in the ruling, the judge threatened to inflict an incarceration punishment if necessary, saying that “Defendant is hereby warned that the Court will not tolerate continued willful violations of its lawful orders”:

“ORDERED that Defendant pay a $1,000 fine for each of the nine violations of this Court’s lawful order by the close of business on Friday, May 3, 2024; and it is further ORDERED that Defendant remove the seven offending posts from Defendant’s Truth Social account and the two offending posts from his campaign website by 2:15 p.m. Tuesday, April 30, 2024.”

Merchan could have jailed Trump for as long as thirty days for allegedly breaking his gag order. Court reporters said that Democrat Alvin Bragg of Manhattan District Attorney backed down from his request that the judge imprisons Trump.

It seems like Trump called Bragg’s bluff.

In April, Trump declared that being placed in the “clink” as a “modern-day Nelson Mandela” for exposing Merchan’s misbehavior would be a “GREAT HONOR.”

Under the terms of the gag order, Trump is not allowed to publicly discuss witnesses who are going to testify, attorneys other than Bragg, court and District Attorney staff members, or the families of any staff members “if those statements are made with the intent to materially interfere with… counsel’s or staff’s work” on the case. This includes potential jurors as well.

Trump told reporters outside the Manhattan courthouse, “The gag order has to come off.” “I have a gag order, but people are free to talk about me just to show you how much more unfair it is.”

“They can say anything they want,” Trump said about his political foes. “They can continue to make up lies and everything else. They lie. They’re real scum. But you know what, I’m not allowed to speak.”

“So why am I gagged about telling the truth?” Trump questioned. “I’m only telling the truth. They’re not telling the truth.”

In the criminal case involving purported election meddling and a retainer paid to Michael Cohen, Bragg accused Trump of 34 offenses. This is the nation’s first-ever criminal trial involving a sitting president. Trump might go to jail if found guilty.

According to a CNN poll on Friday, most Americans don’t think Trump’s criminal trial will result in a fair verdict.

The CNN poll also revealed that a growing percentage of Americans think Trump’s criminal prosecution has no bearing on his suitability for reelection, with only 13% of respondents thinking Trump is receiving the same treatment as other “criminal defendants.”

An AP-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research survey on Tuesday revealed that only roughly one-third of American respondents think Trump committed any crimes in connection with the case.

The case is New York v. TrumpNo. 71543-23, in the New York Supreme Court for New York County.

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