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Home News Muslims Threaten to TANK Biden’s Re-Election 2024

Muslims Threaten to TANK Biden’s Re-Election 2024

Muslims Threaten to TANK Biden’s Re-Election 2024

( – The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) is launching a ground assault on the Gaza Strip, and President Joe Biden has called for a humanitarian “pause” in the Israel-Hamas conflict.

A demonstrator who was demanding a ceasefire disrupted the president’s campaign event on Wednesday night, prompting him to make his remarks.

Biden remarked, “I think we need a pause.”

The president had been speaking to a crowd of supporters in Minneapolis about what motivated him to run for president when a woman interrupted him by shouting for a ceasefire.

Biden said he understood the woman’s feelings when other attendees yelled at her to shut up.

He clarified that his request to halt hostilities included giving “time to get the prisoners out.” Nearby, more than a thousand protestors held signs that said, “Ceasefire now,” “Free Palestine,” and “Stop bombing children.”

“This is incredibly complicated for the Israelis,” Biden said. “It’s incredibly complicated for the Muslim world as well. … I supported a two-state solution, I have from the very beginning.”

“The fact of the matter is that Hamas is a terrorist organization. A flat-out terrorist organization,” he added.

Later, the White House clarified that the president’s request for a “pause” was made with humanitarian concerns in mind.

The president has been under increasing criticism from human rights organizations, other international leaders, and even liberal members of his own Democratic Party, according to the Associated Press, who argue that the Israeli shelling of Gaza is collective punishment and that a ceasefire is necessary.

“In his comments, Biden was exerting pressure on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to give Palestinians at least a brief reprieve from the relentless military operation that’s left thousands dead and mired the 141-square-mile strip in a roiling humanitarian crisis,” the outlet noted.

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