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Military Coup Against Trump If Reelected

Military Coup Against Trump If Reelected

( – According to reports, the establishment is planning what would seem to be a military takeover to remove former President Donald Trump from office should he be reelected.

The plot makes clear how much the establishment fears that Trump might win office again.

If Trump is reelected, he has pledged to dismantle the administrative state, which is made up of a network of unelected bureaucrats who make laws that are either legal or illegal.

According to NBC News on Sunday, the coup would take place under the pretense that Trump was turning “the nonpartisan U.S. military into the muscular arm of his political agenda,” as he was “[b]racing” for victory amid favorable polling.

The military’s role is unique in that soldiers and sailors are trained to obey the commander-in-chief but are instructed not to follow illegal orders, which worries the establishment that “there may be nothing stopping a president from mobilizing the military to intervene in elections, police American streets, or quash domestic protests.”

“Legal action” against Trump and “quietly devising plans to try to foil any efforts to expand presidential power, which could include pressuring the military to cater to his political needs” is part of the establishment’s alleged coup.

Mary McCord, executive director of Georgetown Law’s Institution for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection, told NBC News, “We’re already starting to put together a team to think through the most damaging types of things that he [Trump] might do so that we’re ready to bring lawsuits if we have to.”

“When trying to figure out how to exploit it [power], he will be one inventive motherf——,” Rep. Adam Smith (D-WA) advised the outlet to “open up your imagination a little more” based on whatever assumption they made.

William Cohen, the former defense secretary in the Clinton administration and a Republican senator from Maine, said, “He’s a clear and present danger to our democracy.” His backing is dependable. Furthermore, I don’t think people realize what it would be like to live under a dictatorship.”

Republicans are very critical of the plan, claiming it would amount to an illegal takeover of the president.

Contributor Molly Hemingway of Fox News said on X, “NBC reports the left is plotting ways to have [the] military not be under civilian control.”

She said, “NBC is painting this dangerous and unconstitutional usurpation of power as beneficial because it will weaken Trump in the event that he is legitimately and freely elected by the people of the United States.”

The CEO of The Federalist, Sean Davis, stated that Democrats will defend unethical actions against Trump to hold onto power.

He declared, “Democrats are planning to do that exact thing against Trump whenever they accuse Trump of doing something.”

He continued, “which means Democrats are getting ready to use the military to steal the 2024 election and stop their rivals from legitimately assuming power.”

“The administrative state comprises establishment lawmakers, bureaucrats from federal agencies, far-leftist groups, and law firms. The administrative state is referred to by Trump as the “deep state” and the “swamp,” he added.

Davis continued, “By establishing a purported fourth department of government that is not specified in the Constitution, the administrative state effectively usurps the division of powers between the three branches of government through the exercise of its rule-making authority.”

At a rally in Michigan in June, Trump declared, “We will demolish the deep state.”

“We will expel the warmongers from our government. We will drive out the globalists. We will cast out the communists, Marxists and fascists. And we will throw off the sick political class that hates our country,” he added.

Former President Donald Trump’s massive win in the Iowa caucuses on Monday enshrines one of the most astonishing comebacks in American political history.

Losing one-term presidents rarely mount subsequent successful primary campaigns, much less pull off landslides that demonstrate utter dominance of their party.

Trump transformed the GOP in 2016. By claiming 50% of the vote in the biggest win in caucus history, putting him on course to his third consecutive nomination, he showed that the current GOP is entirely his party eight years after his outsider presidential victory.

“The big night is going to be in November, when we take back our country,” Trump told his first proper victory party since he shocked the world by winning the 2016 election.

His MAGA-hat-wearing crowd greeted him with chants of “Trump, Trump, Trump” beneath two vast screens reading “Trump wins Iowa!”

Democrats will do just about anything to keep Trump out of the Oval Office, including possibly staging a military coup if he wins in 2024.

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