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Home News Mexico Voices ‘Discontent’ Over Texas Bill’s Threat to Illegal Aliens

Mexico Voices ‘Discontent’ Over Texas Bill’s Threat to Illegal Aliens

Mexico Voices ‘Discontent’ Over Texas Bill’s Threat to Illegal Aliens

Mexican government representatives denounced in a statement on Thursday a bill about immigration enforcement in Texas that would empower local and state law enforcement agencies to jail and deport undocumented immigrants.

Illegal immigration from Mexico into Texas would be considered a state Class B misdemeanor under Senate Bill 4, a bill by Republican Representative David Spiller.

Should Republican Governor Greg Abbott sign the bill into law, Texas law enforcement would have the authority to detain undocumented immigrants?

Then, a state judge would compel those people to leave Texas and return to Mexico to escape prosecution. Suppose an undocumented immigrant is charged with another crime or refuses to go back to Mexico. In that case, the offense might be upgraded to a felony.

Both chambers have approved the bill. Abbott said on Wednesday that he intends to sign it into law, referring to it as “historic progress for border security.”

“I am excited to sign Senate Bill 4, which enables the removal of undocumented immigrants detained at the border and establishes penalties for entering Texas illegally,” Abbott said.

The same day, Mexican government representatives stated that the nation “categorically rejects” the measure.

Regarding Senate Bill 4, which was enacted by the Texas Legislature, the Foreign Ministry of Mexico speaks for the country’s rejection of these anti-immigrant policies that seek to criminalize migrants to halt their flow.

The statement said, “This legislation will lead to racial profiling, discrimination, and family separation.”

The measure, according to officials, would foster “hostile environments that may lead to hate crimes or acts against migrant communities.”

“The Mexican government once again expresses its opposition to any policy that entails the forced return of migrants without following the law,” the statement continued.

Mexico said it will keep collaborating on immigration with the US federal government.

Senate Bill 4 was dubbed “the strongest border security bill Texas has ever passed” by Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick of Texas.

Texas will continue to take necessary measures to ensure its border and its people are protected.

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