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Home News HUGE WIN for Trump in New York Civil Case

HUGE WIN for Trump in New York Civil Case

HUGE WIN for Trump in New York Civil Case

( – Former President Donald Trump declared he would quickly post the $175 million bond needed to contest the $464 million fine in the civil fraud lawsuit brought against him by the state of New York.

On Monday, a New York appeals court imposed a ten-day deadline, and Trump said he would come up with the amount.

According to Bloomberg News, he had until Monday at the latest to produce $545 million, or 120% of the punishment, to appeal Judge Arthur Engoron’s verdict. He and his attorneys said this was nearly impossible.

In the first minute of his brief press conference, Trump blasted Engoron for doing “a terrible disservice to the state of New York.”

“Businesses are fleeing, and crime is flourishing all over the state, and what he’s done is such a disservice and should never be allowed to happen again,” Trump told reporters. “New York State is being battered by his decision.”

“I greatly respect the decision of the Appellate Division, and I’ll post either $175 million in cash or bond or security or whatever is necessary very quickly, within the 10 days, and I thank the appellate division for acting quickly,” he added, before calling Engoron a “disgrace to this country.”

As Breitbart News’ Kristina Wong pointed out, the decision comes as Trump is poised to receive a $3.5 billion windfall. Digital World Acquisition Corp shareholders approved a merger with his social networking platform, Truth Social, on Friday.

“Trump will own nearly 79 million shares in the newly-merged company, which is currently around $41 per share.

The former president will not be able to cash in his stake until six months after the merger, but [Turning] Point USA’s Founder and CEO Charlie Kirk posted on X that Trump could seek a waiver to do so in order to pay the bond so he can appeal the fraud case.”

Trump’s remarks to the media mirrored opinions he had expressed moments before on Truth Social.

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