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Home News How the Deep State Plans to Stop Trump’s Return

How the Deep State Plans to Stop Trump’s Return

How the Deep State Plans to Stop Trump’s Return

( – Regardless of the results of the election in November, the Democrats will continue to control us unless the Trump administration takes action to reclaim the presidency.

Eric Trump may be clinging to a delusion that many who back his father’s presidential campaign have also adopted. He cautions us that Joe Biden might be charged with a crime for keeping cocaine in the White House if he were to leave office.

This may occur if the Supreme Court denies Donald Trump protection for his presidential actions. Strangely, this decision could also help Biden.

Unfortunately, even if Trump retakes the White House, Biden, his extravagant son Hunter, and Democratic operators in the surveillance state may never have their comeuppance.

As contended last week, the Democrats, their operatives in the judiciary and deep state, and what Trump rightly refers to as “the fake media” will ensure that their “guys” are protected, meaning that the cycle of retaliation may never come to pass.

As long as the Democrats have control over government, communications, Big Tech, and educational institutions, they will remain in charge of the country.

It is essential to not be swayed by the way corporate media in Western nations discuss the negative implications of a Trump victory.

If Trump had drained the swamp during his first term, many of his opponents, particularly those in the federal government, would have disappeared.

Remember that the strategic objectives of the two national parties are significantly different. The Republicans only ensure their presidential nominee wins an electoral triumph.

Suppose Trump wins the election, especially if he can help other Republicans win. In that case, the party will have achieved its primary goal.

In contrast, the Democrats have a more extended strategy planned. Even with a blatantly unsuitable candidate, they may do everything within the law and beyond to hang onto the presidency, but that isn’t their primary objective.

If Trump is successful, it will just be a temporary setback to the Democrats’ long-term goal of establishing a one-party, globalist state.

The Democrats will continue to rule the nation as long as they maintain control over the communications system, the majority of Big Tech, the government infrastructure, and educational institutions.

They intend to keep our borders open until election day to attract more Democratic votes. Moreover, Biden’s recently revealed plan to bring in thousands of Gazans may be aimed at garnering additional ballots for his party.

As long as Democratic loyalist lawyers like Abbe Lowell keep coming to the Biden family’s defense, they will probably get away with all of their crimes.

This family may evade justice as long as the Bidens’ crimes are tried in Democratic districts where the judges are loyal to the party that appointed them.

The “fake news” media will likely object to any move to punish them or their political allies.

Suppose any of the illegal aliens—including the criminals among them—are deported. This same “information source” will likewise lose it in that case.

Molly Hemingway and Hans von Spakovsky have described in detail how Big Tech has suppressed and deplatformed conservatives.

These organizations are run by left-wing Democratic activists, who have managed to disguise themselves as open forums for discussion—a flagrant distortion of their true purpose.

They are tools of social manipulation that jeopardize the legitimacy of elections, as seen by how the big media prevented any discussion of Hunter Biden’s legal issues before the 2020 election.

Even if Donald Trump is reelected, the manipulators behind Big Tech won’t stop their attempts to deceive the public.

The question then arises: What can a Republican President and a cooperating Congress do to hold Big Tech accountable for its actions and make it act more reasonably and transparently?

The way these social media platforms utilize their influence to further leftism has not changed significantly in response to previous Republican criticism of Mark Zuckerberg and his kind.

Regardless of the results of the election in November, the Democrats will continue to control us unless the Trump administration takes action to reclaim the presidency.

I assume that leaders of the Democratic party are well aware of this. They presumably have a better understanding of fundamental power dynamics than those dimwits in the state media and Hollywood opinionators who could genuinely think that a second Trump term will transform the United States into a fascist state.

The pertinent question here is what Trump needs to do to avoid being pushed around by a protected opposition for a second term rather than what he can do to win over both parties.

Trump and his administration need to make plans to prevent that from happening. Plans like these should address strategies for driving adversarial elements out of public administration and pressuring the media to rein down its overtly political and abusive bias.

Whatever else the Republican establishment may demand of their reelected president, these issues cannot be postponed or ignored.

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