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Home News How Members of Congress Get Rich While You Stay Poor

How Members of Congress Get Rich While You Stay Poor

How Members of Congress Get Rich While You Stay Poor

( – We question why elected officials like Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden never leave office. Well, why would they?

Many American households face financial difficulties, while their Congressional representatives’ portfolios remain unaffected. Is this action appropriate, and is it the reason they were elected?

Our nation’s soul is becoming tarnished, and we must immediately rectify this. Compromised members of Congress are voting on policies that put their portfolios ahead of the interests of their constituents.

“Wealth redistribution is a con. Money doesn’t flow from the billionaires to people in the middle and lower classes. It flows to the people writing the laws.”

Radical leftists have used the phrase “redistribution of wealth” as their catchphrase for more than a century.

From Karl Marx to Mao and the Bolsheviks, each of them expressed in their own unique manner their desire to appropriate funds from one set of people and transfer them to another.

The left’s well-known campaign slogan, “An economy for everyone,” represents this wealth redistribution’s utopian or dystopian ultimate result.

But by “everyone,” what did lefties really mean? All that money—where was it going?

The working class in the Soviet Union did not raise its status. The political elite prospered and enjoyed all the benefits.

Mao owned an indoor swimming pool while millions of people were starved to death. “An economy that benefits all!” Currently, some of the most influential political organizations and elected officials in the nation use that phrase as their catchphrase.

In her campaign, Hillary Clinton discussed building an “economy that works for everyone.” American Progress, the most prominent progressive think tank in the nation, has developed a set of policies aimed at “building an economy for all.”

Additionally, Nancy Pelosi, the former Speaker of the House of Representatives from California, wants everyone to know that “congressional Democrats will build an economy that works for everyone, not just the elites.”

Who, though, are these elites that they speak about so often? Whenever this rhetoric was employed in the past, be it in Venezuela, Cuba, China, Russia, or any other country, the ruling class ended up drafting the laws and becoming wealthy.

History demonstrates that wealth redistribution is a scam. Money from billionaires does not reach the middle and lower classes; it trickles down to legislators.

How was your stock market performance last year? The S&P 500 performed admirably, finishing the year up 24%. Even if investing in the S&P 500 overall is impossible, you can buy SPY, an exchange-traded fund.

If you invested last year, most people like you and me enjoyed a 24% return because SPY tracks the performance of the S&P 500 overall.

Professionals make their living by tracking the SPY ETF and the S&P 500.

Public data, however, indicate that some people “out-experted” the experts. One of these purported financial wizards outperformed the experts at the SPY EFT by 200% last year, with a return of 238%.

How on earth is this even feasible? What is this person’s secret?

Some other trading experts in this exclusive group outperformed the SPY EFT by at least 40%. Who are these financial gurus?

I’m curious about their secret, mostly because I’m curious about their secret. They must be a group of nerdy financial wizards performing strange computations.

These financial wizards are Congressmen Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), and Brian Higgings (D-N.Y.).

Although I know their purse power, I don’t believe this was the framers’ intended outcome.

In what way is Dan Crenshaw undermining the performance of the SPY EFT? Did they teach SEAL trainees advanced stock trading during Hell Week?

Members of Congress have become such expert stock pickers that the public is now imitating their strategies instead of using a stockbroker.

These websites track Nancy Pelosi’s purchases. These days, who needs a professional? Just take a cue from your local congressman’s financial wizard.

It is no secret that once elected, members of Congress quickly transform into financial whiz kids. Insider trading is the term that best describes all of this conduct; I’m not arguing that anyone did anything wrong.

2011, when Congress debated important credit card legislation, ABC News revealed how Visa tried to bribe Nancy Pelosi. It mentioned how, during the bill’s passage in Congress, Visa extended an offer to her for an initial public offering.

Now that legislation is being debated, legislators can meet privately with company representatives to discuss potential benefits or drawbacks of the proposed bill.

This allows legislators to act quickly and decisively based on the information they receive. “This form of insider trading is one of the reasons why there are so many wealthy members of Congress,” the same ABC News piece claims.

Though both Republicans and Democrats want to minimize it in public, none of this is a secret. The fact that you and I would go to jail if we did it makes this even more absurd. However, Congress has a weakness. As per Loyola University:

If you are a member of Congress, there is a loophole. … There isn’t a limit on lawmakers trading stocks based on classified information, nor is there oversight regarding the trades that lawmakers are allowed to make based on other information they are privy to as part of their job.

Is Congress outperforming the market in this way? Members are aware of every move in chess before everybody else. Before the game, they read the opposing team’s playbook. But that’s not permitted for you or me.

We question why officials such as Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden hold office for many years. Why leave? It is easy to make too much money, but not for the typical American.

We question why there is perpetual warfare in our nation. Given that Congress can invest in military-industrial complex businesses such as Raytheon and Lockheed, is there any reason to believe it should end conflicts forever?

We question the government’s desire for greater control over healthcare and its hurried move toward unstable energy sources. However, how many lawmakers currently own equities in green energy and medicine?

While people like Nancy Pelosi scream about the top 1% and how the rich need to redistribute to the poor, this is the system they really care about.

This is the “economy for everyone.”

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