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Home News Hidden Assault: Abortion Pills Flood Pro-Life States

Hidden Assault: Abortion Pills Flood Pro-Life States

Hidden Assault: Abortion Pills Flood Pro-Life States

( – Abortion medications are being sent to states with laws protecting unborn children by outside pro-abortion groups.

According to reports from OPB and the Dallas Morning News, women are allegedly able to obtain abortion pills through the mail despite abortion restrictions in states like Idaho and Texas, thanks to the cooperation of the U.S. Postal Service and several pro-abortion groups that profit from shield laws in other states.

“The reality is that most Idahoans are getting access to abortion pills online, and many are managing their abortions safely at home,” said abortion activist Kimra Luna, speaking on behalf of Idaho Abortion Rights.

Luna continued, alleging that 600 Idahoans received abortion pills through Idaho Abortion Rights the previous year; these abortions were not recorded by the Department of Health and Welfare.

Elisa Wells, a public health researcher and co-founder of Plan C’s nonprofit website, said: “We sometimes see claims that these abortion bans have been successful in reducing the numbers of abortions in this country, and we do not believe that.”

Plan C lists 25 websites that sell pills, arranged by price and delivery time, and directs users to a network of domestic and international abortion groups, like Aid Access and Las Libres.

Three months after the Texas Heartbeat Act was passed, the number of requests for abortion pills sent to Aid Access in Texas “nearly tripled, from 11 per day to almost 30 requests,” according to UT Austin research.

Following the Dobbs ruling, there was a 160 percent rise in abortion pill requests nationwide, from 83 to 214 per day.

Aid Access is the only U.S.-based telemedicine abortion pill supplier now operating in Texas. Due to shield legislation, Aid Access moved its operations from Europe to the U.S. this summer.

According to the Morning News, a Mexican organization Las Libres provides generic abortion pills to volunteers in the United States.

According to the article, people who sell abortion pills online “fear” that states implementing “increasingly aggressive anti-abortion legislation could bring the system to a halt.”

According to Blaine Conzatti, president of the Idaho Family Policy Center, mutual assistance organizations in pro-life states like Idaho are “treading on pretty thin ice” by making illegal abortion drugs available.

“States that protect abortionists and other criminals,” he continued, “would be negligent in their obligations under our reciprocal agreements with those states.”

Conzatti pointed out that Idaho’s homicide and abortion statutes grant immunity to mothers who self-induce abortions.

“Under any of those statutes, there is no basis for a criminal prosecution to be brought against such a mother,” he declared.

“I believe that in the future, we must create a culture of life. Then we can revisit the issue of whether mothers should be held accountable when they cause abortions and end the lives of their unborn children,” Conzatti said.

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