(FamilyConservationPAC.com) – A young Israeli couple concealed their ten-month-old twins before Hamas terrorists burst into their house and killed them.

According to the Post, which cited the Israeli publication Walla, Itai and Hadar Berdichevsky, both 30, were attacked at their residence in Kfar Gaza, a kibbutz in southern Israel about three miles east of Gaza.

The parents tried to fend off the terrorists by hiding the infants in a bomb shelter before they were killed.

“Israeli troops rescued the unharmed babies about 14 hours later and handed them to their grandmother,” according to the report.

Israeli Ambassador to Colombia Gali Dagan has hailed the parents as “heroes” who did “everything they could to save their children,” the Daily Mail reported.

“They hid their 10-month-old twin children in the shelter while terrorists infiltrated their home,” Dagan wrote on Twitter. “Itay and Hadar were brutally murdered after bravely fighting the terrorists.”

“The babies were left alone for more than 12 hours until they were rescued. Imagine the horror. Two terrified parents were doing everything they can to save their children, who are now orphaned. Blessed be the memory of these heroes,” he continued.

According to sources, the early Saturday attack on Israel by the terrorist organization Hamas from Palestine has resulted in over 1,100+ deaths and 3,000+ injuries.

The last High Holy Day cycle festival, Shemini Atzeret, is a Jewish holiday on which the incident occurred.

Additionally, about 100 Israelis were taken captive and taken to Gaza; among them were women, children, and senior citizens, many of whom suffered mistreatment during captivity.

The Israeli Air Force has attacked at least 1,000 terror sites in Gaza in retaliation for the attack.

In the last 48 hours, Israel has called up 300,000 reservists to join its forces in their ongoing operations against Hamas terror targets in Gaza.

The Palestinian terror attack against Israel has been called the “worst massacre of Jews since the Holocaust.”

According to President Joe Biden, the number of Americans killed in Hamas’ terror strike on Israel has increased from nine to eleven.

Hamas is currently holding more Americans prisoner.

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