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Home News ‘De-Banking’ – Here’s Why Does Trump Wants to Fight It

‘De-Banking’ – Here’s Why Does Trump Wants to Fight It

‘De-Banking’ – Here’s Why Does Trump Wants to Fight It

( – Colin Jost, presenter of Weekend Update on “Saturday Night Live,” recently teased Donald Trump for declaring he would oppose “de-banking.”

He remarked, “I don’t know what the hell de-bank means,” to the audience’s boisterous ovation of clapping seals. Unfortunately, de-banking and de-platforming are becoming terrible realities for an increasing number of Americans who were not fortunate enough to attend Harvard or marry Scarlett Johansson like Jost. 

However, a recent Vegas event aimed to retaliate and support the individuals and businesses being silenced.

Elites utilize it as a means of silencing law-abiding persons who have opposing and dissident views. When you wake up, you find that you can’t host a website, send emails to your subscribers, take credit card payments, or use standard banking services. 

During the lockdowns, it was weaponized to silence anyone who disagreed with the established wisdom.

Thankfully, individuals and businesses are providing countermeasures to this trend. David Ragsdale is one of the loudest voices in the movement to organize opposition to this techno-tyranny. 

A native of Los Angeles, he was involved in assisting with the planning of the “Defeat the Mandate” demonstrations around the nation. The group was taken off the internet as soon as possible for a peaceful gathering.

Ragsdale revealed his strategy in a conversation for combating censorship.

“When we were doing Defeat the Mandate, we got de-platformed from a lot of [business-to-business] services and our payment processors. We would join MailChimp and immediately get kicked off. You need these services to produce events,” he explains.

“It was really scary because we had a permit from the Biden administration to do our Lincoln Memorial rally, but we can’t use Stripe?”

The group was thrown immediately into what is known as the “parallel economy,” where political refugees are now compelled to attempt to make ends meet without the regular financial institutions that the general public takes for granted, such as banks and credit cards.

During his exile, Ragsdale concluded that businesses and people needed to unite and support one another. This hope served as the inspiration for the March 8–10 Las Vegas conference RePlatform. 

To address the issues of inefficiency, stagnation, and censorship in corporate America, it aims to bring together a collection of innovators, including financial institutions, payment networks, developers, investors, entrepreneurs, and creators.

To destroy the mandate system across the country, they intend to entice a wide range of voters, including social conservatives, libertarians, populists, and awakened progressives and believers.

“I hope that all these really solid people I’m bringing together will spark some magic of innovation,” Ragsdale told me.

He clarified that although writing opinion pieces or tweets about this new corporate censorship is simple, creating successful businesses that provide alternatives is far more complicated. 

He believes an actual sector may take shape by bringing together investors, customers, enterprises, and startups.

We desperately need a conference like RePlatform right now in our nation.

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