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Home News Court Rules Parents Can’t Stop Child from Getting ‘Gender-Affirming’ Surgery

Court Rules Parents Can’t Stop Child from Getting ‘Gender-Affirming’ Surgery

Court Rules Parents Can’t Stop Child from Getting ‘Gender-Affirming’ Surgery

( – The parents of an adolescent who identifies as “non-binary” have lost their appeal to have their child’s irrevocable “gender-affirming” surgery denied by a court.

The British parents are accused of failing to stop their child from undergoing life-altering transsexual surgery, according to a report from The Telegraph.

According to reports, the parents requested an injunction from the High Court in London, England, to stop their 17-year-old daughter from undergoing a mastectomy.

But the court denied the injunction.

The child would soon turn 18 and be competent to provide permission for the experimental “gender-affirming” surgical breast removal, the judge decided.

The 17-year-old told the court that she initially started to “identify” as a lesbian and a “non-binary” person at the age of eleven.

Still, she had not wanted to notify her parents.

The young witness informed the judge that the parents thought gender ideology was “evil and satanic.”

But this was refuted by the parents.

Using the ungainly pronouns “they” and “them,” the adolescent testified in court that:

“I was being emotionally abused by my parents constantly because they would almost make comments to me about how identifying as transgender means I am mentally ill and they would constantly make homophobic/transphobic comments towards me and say things such as the reason LGBTQ+ is normal in the UK is because they are trying to reduce the population.”

The 17-year-old ran away from home in November 2022; in court documents, he was named EE.

After a slew of reported events involving her mother and father, she was transferred into foster care.

About 14 years ago, EE’s parents moved to the UK with their child, and they stated that their daughter experienced bipolar disorder, psychotic episodes, and catatonic states.

According to reports, a physician in the teen’s home country claimed to have diagnosed schizotypal personality disorder.

According to EE’s attorneys, her parents’ attempts to get their daughter help were “oppressive,” and they intended to reinforce their “fixed belief” that their daughter had mental illness because she thinks she is “non-binary.”

The judge allegedly stated in his decision that EE’s parents had spoken to her in a “homophobic” manner.

The parents claimed that their daughter was self-harming when she used a “chest binder.”

Furthermore, the judge stated that EE’s forced therapy last year was an unlawful type of “conversion therapy.”

An increasing number of liberals in the US have been advocating for the damaging experimental irreversible transgender “care” of minors.

Sen. J.D. Vance, a Republican from Ohio, has filed legislation that would make it illegal for kids to get these kinds of experimental, game-changing medical procedures and treatments.

“Doctors should never be permitted to carry out these horrific, irreversible procedures on minors,” Vance stated to The Daily Caller, the publication that broke the initial news of the bill.

“With the passage of this law, we have the chance to spare countless young Americans from a lifetime of regret and pain.”

“I want to thank Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene for leading on this issue, and I look forward to working with my Senate colleagues to protect children from these life-altering procedures.”

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