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Home News Chuck Schumer Warns U.S. Troops Will Fight Russians if Border Bill Not Passed

Chuck Schumer Warns U.S. Troops Will Fight Russians if Border Bill Not Passed

Chuck Schumer Warns U.S. Troops Will Fight Russians if Border Bill Not Passed

( – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) issued a warning that if the Senate border measure, which would provide Ukraine with $60 billion in aid, is not passed, American troops will be deployed to Eastern Europe “in a few years.”

On Monday, Schumer stated on MSNBC:

We’re at a turning point in America is build is crucial and history will look back on it and say did America fail itself?

Why is it crucial? Well, if we don’t aid Ukraine, Putin will walk all over Ukraine, we will lose the war. And we could be fighting in eastern Europe in a NATO ally in a few years. Americans won’t like that.

A similar claim, made by President Joe Biden two months ago, was that if additional aid was not approved, American forces would be fighting in Russia.

“If he keeps going and then he attacks a NATO Ally — well, we’ve committed as a NATO member that we’d defend every inch of NATO territory — then we’ll have something that we don’t seek and that we don’t have today: American troops fighting Russian troops,” Biden warned.

During a secret briefing in December, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin also presented a similar point to House lawmakers.

They were informed by House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Michael McCaul (R-TX) that sending U.S. forces to combat would be “very likely” if the aid bill was not approved.

Schumer declared that the Israeli-Hamas conflict “will go on and on and on” if the plan, which would also grant Israel $14 billion, is not passed.

He said that “hundreds of thousands” of Palestinians in Gaza would go hungry if the United States did not provide humanitarian food.

In addition, he acknowledged that the border is in “chaos,” even though the measure only allots $20 billion for it or roughly one-third of the total that would go to Ukraine.

“So this is crucial for America. It’s a turning point. History is going to look over our shoulders and say, ‘Did we rise to the occasion?’” Schumer continued.

While praising Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY), Schumer attempted to assign blame for the growing Republican resistance to the plan in the House and Senate to the former president, Donald Trump.

In addition, he promised to make things “worse” if the law was not approved.

“To his credit Mitch McConnell did, but too many Republicans, including Speaker [Mike] Johnson are just scared to death of Donald Trump. Donald Trump has said he wants chaos. Donald Trump has said well wait till I become president that will take at least a year. Ukraine could be gone. The border will get much worse. War in the Middle East will get worse,  maybe bringing us into it,” he argued.

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