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Home News California Promises Immigrants FREE Healthcare, Shuns American Citizens

California Promises Immigrants FREE Healthcare, Shuns American Citizens

California Promises Immigrants FREE Healthcare, Shuns American Citizens

( – California will be the first state in the US to offer taxpayer-funded health insurance to illegal aliens living there as of January 1, 2024.

In June of this year, Newsom celebrated the budget deal establishing California as the first state in the union to provide taxpayer-subsidized health insurance to the estimated 4.4 million undocumented immigrants living there, provided they meet specific low-income requirements.

As of the new year, legal immigrants residing in California will be eligible for Medi-Cal, the state-funded counterpart of the federal government’s Medicaid program.

Governor Jerry Brown (D) at the time allowed only children of illegal aliens to receive Medi-Cal starting in 2015.

Newsom also extended Medi-Cal eligibility to undocumented immigrants 50 years of age and older and those between the ages of 19 and 25.

Due to this most recent expansion, the state’s health insurance rolls will gain roughly 764,000 new members.

Since Medi-Cal “is already strained by serving 14.6 million Californians — more than a third of the state’s population,” elected Republicans in California have issued a warning that extending taxpayer-funded health care to undocumented immigrants “will certainly exacerbate current provider access problems.”

California officials project that more than 1.2 million illegal aliens will be using subsidized health insurance.

The new law was implemented after California’s population fell below 39 million this year, primarily due to state migration.

The previous year, more than 300,000 Californians left the state, making it the most of any state in the union.

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