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Home News Bidenomics: $800M for Fentanyl in US, Massive $24B for Ukraine!

Bidenomics: $800M for Fentanyl in US, Massive $24B for Ukraine!

Bidenomics: $800M for Fentanyl in US, Massive $24B for Ukraine!

( – The White House requests an additional $24 billion from Congress to battle Russia in Ukraine but just $800 million to combat fentanyl and other deadly drugs in American neighborhoods.

For every dollar sought for anti-drug initiatives, this funding request adds $300 in help for Ukraine.

About 110,000 Americans died from drug overdoses in 2022, mainly as a result of fentanyl that was brought in illegally through free-trade routes from China and Mexico.

More than $100 billion has already been spent by President Joe Biden and Congress to defend Ukraine in the conflict, which has now devolved into a high-casualty, no-negotiations deadlock.

Biden has not done much to stop the flow of drugs that follow migrants from Mexico since his administration. For instance, his deputies signed a pact in 2023 to ease the flow of migrants from Mexico.

Still, the talks on narcotics have only been vaguely discussed since then.

Approximately $3.3 billion is being requested by the White House in its plea to Congress to speed up the immigration inflow.

The figure indicates that for every dollar spent on excluding narcotics, Biden’s deputies want to spend $4.00 importing extra migrants.

More Americans die as a result, many of them young people who are being ignored by Biden’s influx of desperate and inexpensive illegal immigrants.

According to a CNN poll in early August, 55% of American voters believe Congress should not provide Ukraine with additional aid.

More financing is supported by 45%.

The additional $800 million is required for “ongoing efforts to reduce the influx of illicit drugs, such as fentanyl, across our borders and counter the threat these substances pose to our public health,” according to the White House’s introduction to the budget request made on August 11.

The financing packages detail some valuable programs implemented, albeit with some delay.

“This request would provide $350 million to the Department of Health and Human Services … to expand substance use prevention and treatment services given that fentanyl-related deaths have risen dramatically over the last three years.”

Numerous prostituted women are among the discards:

“$27 million for efforts to counter fentanyl,” the understaffed Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency would receive, “and $45 million would be used for counter-drug activities related to fentanyl, including enhanced data analysis and equipment, as well as countertrafficking efforts.”

A total of $323 million is requested to “support the deployment of non-intrusive inspection technology for use in identifying and interdicting fentanyl and other illicit drugs,” according to the proposal.

Additionally, $21 million is requested to “support DHS S&T funding for counter-fentanyl research and development, to be implemented in coordination with DHS components and law enforcement partners,” according to the paper.

According to the request, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) in the Department of Justice would get $23 million due to this proposal.

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