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Home News Biden Says Climate Change Scarier Than Nuclear War (WATCH)

Biden Says Climate Change Scarier Than Nuclear War (WATCH)

Biden Says Climate Change Scarier Than Nuclear War (WATCH)

( – President of the United States, Joe Biden, told reporters in Vietnam that a rise in global temperatures is the only threat worse than nuclear war and that those who deny it are “lying, dog-faced pony soldiers.”

Speaking last weekend at the JW Marriott Hotel in Hanoi, Biden asserted that “the only existential threat humanity faces is global warming going above 1.5 degrees in the next 20 — 10 years. This is even more terrifying than a nuclear war.”

“We’re — that’d be real trouble,” he added. “There’s no way back from that.”

“And so, there’s a lot we can do in the meantime,” the president continued. “For example, that — that pipeline — that railroad we’re talking about going across from the middle — from India, throughout the Middle East, and to — across the Mediterranean and all through Europe, that’s going to have a hydrogen pipeline there.”

This will “significantly reduce the amount of carbon emitted in the air, but it costs a lot of money to put that down. And the world is going to say it’s in our interest — collective interest to do it,” he said.

“Did you ever think you’d be sitting at a G20 conference where everyone was preoccupied with the notion of global warming? Not a joke. Did you ever think that?” he asked rhetorically.

Following that, Biden cited a scene from a John Wayne film in which an Indian scout calls a Union soldier “a lying, dog-faced pony soldier.”

“Well, there’s a lot of lying, dog-faced pony soldiers out there about — about global warming, but not anymore,” he declared. “All of a sudden, they’re all realizing it’s a problem. And there’s nothing like seeing the light.”

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