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Home News Biden Praises MLK as Fulton County Jails Black ‘Political’ Prisoner!

Biden Praises MLK as Fulton County Jails Black ‘Political’ Prisoner!

Biden Praises MLK as Fulton County Jails Black ‘Political’ Prisoner!

( – On the same day that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s March on Washington is commemorated by President Joe Biden, officials in Georgia’s Democratic-controlled Fulton County are holding a black man who has been dubbed a “political prisoner.”

Harrison Floyd, the leader of Black Voices for Trump, turned himself in last week to answer charges as one of 18 co-defendants alongside former President Donald Trump. Breitbart News reported that Floyd was denied bail.

Since they appear to have committed no crimes other than being connected to Trump’s 2020 election challenges, many Trump fans believe that he and his co-defendants, which include numerous lawyers, are “political prisoners.”

Floyd, one of two black co-defendants, was the only one refused bail because the judge judged him a flight risk due to previous accusations he is facing for allegedly assaulting an FBI agent who visited his Maryland home. Floyd is one of two black co-defendants.

Additionally, Floyd claims that hiring a lawyer would be too expensive; nevertheless, he is reportedly not poor enough to be defended by a public defender.

He is defending himself as a result.

An article on The Hill published on Saturday reported:

“Floyd represented himself and was the only one of the case’s 19 defendants not to organize a bond agreement with state prosecutors before turning himself in.

He told Judge Emily Richardson that legal counsel was too expensive, costing between $40,000 and $100,000.

“I can’t put my family in that kind of debt,” he said.

In the early days of the civil rights movement, black defendants in Democratic-run Southern jurisdictions who were frequently denied due process rights were the target of the movement’s first battles.

When defendants are police officers, Trump supporters, or members of other politically unpopular groups, many individuals who profess to represent the civil rights movement have recently called for suspending their due process rights.

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